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From Industrial Ash to the Light: Judas Goat and the Bellwether’s “There Is Always a Dawn” Rings True

By allenpetersonreviews May14,2024

Somerset’s newest folk-rock heroes, Judas Goat and the Bellwether, a duo woven together by vocalist Sara Vian and multi-instrumentalist Pete Vincent, unleash a defiant anthem with “There Is Always a Dawn.” This single, born from the heat of the Climates Songwriting Competition, transcends mere melody, becoming a battle cry against the environmental and societal ills plaguing our world.

Drawing inspiration from William Blake’s visionary poem “Jerusalem,” the song confronts the legacy of the “dark satanic mills.” These symbols of the Industrial Revolution, once celebrated for progress, now morph into belching smokestacks, spewing pollution, and choking the very Earth that sustains us. The lyrics paint a stark picture—a world where dreams are devoured by the relentless machinery of industry and the air itself hangs heavy with despair.

But within this bleak landscape, “There Is Always a Dawn” ignites a flicker of defiance. The chorus explodes with a rallying cry against the “devil’s might,” urging listeners to rise above the sooty haze and fight for a brighter future. The imagery of dawn breaking through the darkness becomes a powerful metaphor for the possibility of change, a reminder that even the longest night eventually gives way to the promise of a new day.

The song’s message extends beyond the environmental crisis, holding a mirror to the dehumanizing systems that have taken root. Factory workers become mere cogs in a profit-driven machine, their souls sacrificed at the altar of progress. Yet, amidst this critique, “There Is Always a Dawn” offers a solution. It’s not a lament, but a call to reclaim our birthright—freedom and independence. The bridge becomes a battle hymn, emphasizing the power of love as a weapon against despair. It suggests that by uniting, fueled by a shared purpose and a love for our world, we can dismantle the forces of darkness and reclaim our rightful place within nature’s embrace.

“There Is Always a Dawn” is more than just a catchy tune; it’s a potent reminder that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, hope remains. With its evocative lyrics, soaring vocals, and an instrumental tapestry that blends folk and rock sensibilities, the song compels us to action. It’s a call to reject the suffocating grip of environmental destruction and societal oppression and to embrace the dawning of a future where humanity and nature exist in harmony. This is a song that lingers long after the final note fades, urging us to become the architects of our own brighter tomorrow.

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