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Myah’s “Everything”: A Song About Letting Go of a Love That Wasn’t Meant to Be

By allenpetersonreviews May14,2024

South Florida native Myah, a rising star with a penchant for croissants and rollerblading, unveils her heart in “Everything.” This hauntingly beautiful soft pop/indie ballad reflects her signature style—a captivating blend of alternative rock, pop melodies, and a touch of pop-punk. Influenced by legends like The National and Talking Heads, Myah’s sound is unmistakably alternative yet infused with catchy pop hooks that burrow into your memory. But her true strength lies in storytelling, with lyrics that draw from her own experiences, laced with a touch of wistful nostalgia.

“Everything” is a song anyone who’s ever loved and lost can relate to. It explores the aftermath of a relationship that promised forever but crumbled under the weight of reality. The melancholic melody perfectly complements the raw emotions Myah pours into her vocals. Opening with a bittersweet memory, the song paints a picture of a love so intense it “stole my breath away.” However, the illusion soon shatters, and the lyrics expose the depth of the heartbreak with lines like “damn, it’s a lie; I thought you were my everything.”

Despite the disillusionment, there’s a flicker of acceptance. Myah acknowledges the comfort found in the “familiarity” of the relationship, a testament to the “silly serendipity” that brought them together. There’s a yearning for the past happiness symbolized by the “sunlight,” but a growing understanding that the relationship has run its course. The repeated phrase “I thought you were my everything” becomes a poignant echo throughout the song, underscoring the depth of the loss.

The bridge offers a glimmer of hope and a fleeting question of whether they can rebuild what’s broken. However, “Everything” ultimately leaves the listener with a bittersweet sense of closure. It acknowledges the need to move on, carrying the lessons learned while letting go of the dream that wasn’t meant to be. This relatable journey of love and loss, delivered with Myah’s captivating vocals and storytelling prowess, makes “Everything” a song that lingers long after the last note fades.

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