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By allenpetersonreviews Dec25,2023

German electronic musician, engineer, and baseline player Holy B creates beats that are immensely imaginative and extremely adventurous in style, leaving you with an overpowering sense of wonder and satisfaction that is hard to misread. When one examines the EP more closely, it becomes apparent how it was built: through a combination of slowed-down performances, overlooked acoustic instruments, and a talent for producing sounds.

In parts of Lo-Fi Vol. 3, Holy B’s frantic and tribal beat pattern will astound lovers of electronic music with its electronic blending of musical elements that range from the early future to the present. The outstanding beats produced by Holy B are sufficiently showcased in his songs thanks to the tastefully prepared instrumental parts. A coating of unorthodox techno gives the tunes’ complex musical tempos and loud vocals—which are well-composed and arranged—a feeling of depth and complexity.

You’ll be left craving more after listening to the excellent masterwork of Holy B’s Lo-Fi Vol. 3. With their cheerful tempos, expertly crafted songs like Sneakin Around, Whacky Weido, Voodoo Dance Track, No Stink Over Here, and many others will boost and alter moods with their upbeat tempos. Vol. 3 has amazing songs, but it also includes very unique tunes that speak to my personality. One of them is “Voodoo Dance Track,” which has a sharp vibrating definition and engraved feeling as well as an unwavering, smashing sensation of touch that keeps reaching up onto you until you reach out to its alluring rhythms. No Stank Over Here’s use of artificial vocals as an introduction is a brilliant stroke of genius. The choral melodies and arrangements were made in cooperation with the additional musical components, which undoubtedly contribute to a fun and lively environment.

Right now, based on what I’ve heard and experienced, I can say that Holy B’s EP songs are unique. Even if I hesitate to declare him the greatest EP artist I have ever known, his compositions and style show that, given enough time and artistic freedom, he is capable of incredible feats.

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