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Singer-songwriter Stian Fjelldal, better known by his stage name Birds Are Better, is a talented personality whose musical taste is completely avant-garde. He conveys a certain sensation through his music that is notably different from that of other alternative folk musicians. In actuality, no words could do justice to the energy and style that this outstanding singer brings to the alternative folk subgenre. This remarkable musician, who has defined artistry with a distinct style and a gifted inner voice, released “The Island-Part One” as his debut album.

From the opening melody to the album’s concluding drop, the album showcases a selection of exquisite musical compositions, each of which introduces listeners to a different style of traditional alternative folk music. The excellent tunes on the album, which include “Baby Blue”, “Oh Mother”, “Superhighway”, “Seven in the Morning”, “The Island”, and many others, are brilliantly composed so that each track feels like a continuation of the one that came before it. However, if you listen closely, you will be able to recognize the exceptional standards and exquisite components that each song possesses.

“Superhighway” is a wonderful illustration of Stian Fjelldal’s artistic talent. The calming vocals and sound effects are the ideal accompaniment to the song’s style, and the poetic plot is expertly penned and flows with ease, perfectly fulfilling the promise of the song. A beautiful work of art, Superhighway, must be explored.

The title track of the album, “The Island”, is yet another fantastic song to listen to. The narrative’s directness and honesty allow listeners to connect with it on a deep, intimate level. With every guitar chord and every harmony, “The Island” creates tales that continue to resonate long after the final note has drifted away. After listening to Fjelldal’s remarkable voice and poetic arrangements, which are accompanied by a professionally crafted sound, it is clear that this artist has a huge impact and will draw a lot of attention to the Norwegian musical landscape.

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