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“HOW I MISS YOU” BY Jane Marie, Jessica Mia.

By allenpetersonreviews Dec25,2023

Prepare to be mesmerized by Jane Marie’s evocative and deep music. This accomplished lyricist and composer has worked on projects for the BBC, Channel 4, the stage production “A Tale of Two Cities,” and the film score for “Othello,” all of which were made by GoBig! Productions. During the lockdown, Jane worked with vocalist Jessica Mia and sound engineer Tim Walker to produce an album with heartfelt lyrics about life, love, and loss. Jane’s music is a must-listen for anybody who wishes to be inspired by the power of music, drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as Coldplay, Adele, and old-school greats like Paul McCartney and Elton John.

Jane Marie has just released a new tune (in partnership with Jessica Mia) that will grab your attention and leave you speechless in a creative outburst. The track, titled “How I Miss You,” is an exquisite and heartbreaking work of art that displays her artistic skill. A soft and melodic piano opening that sets the mood for the rest of the song introduces The Truck. You’ll find yourself captivated into the atmosphere Jessica creates as soon as her voice takes center stage.

The song’s gloomy mood is balanced by the comfort it offers, creating a genuinely exceptional listening experience. Every note in the sparse instrumental accompaniment is carefully calibrated, and it contributes to the song’s message in some way. You may enter another world where the air is filled with the most delicious aroma and the sky is a stunning shade of purple if you close your eyes and let the music take over.

The gentle introduction of a drum beat makes the atmosphere grow stronger as the song goes on, providing a dimension of richness that is both strong and heartfelt. As Jessica puts her heart and soul into the words, her vocals, meanwhile, get more fervent and emotional. The brilliant Jane Marie’s musical arrangement, which brilliantly captures the beauty and intricacy of her creative vision, is nothing short of astounding.

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