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“99 MILES” by 28 to 15

By allenpetersonreviews Dec25,2023

28to15, a dynamic and forward-thinking musical collective currently based in the UK, brings together a variety of very talented individuals who share a passion for making interesting music. They possess a unique blend of knowledge, artistic sensibilities, and creative flair that takes their music to new heights. 28to15 exhibits a wide range of emotions, storytelling, and musical talent in songs that range from gloomy ballads to cheerful music. The unbridled inventiveness allows them to produce a unique and original sound. Due to their willingness to try new things and their openness to taking chances, they have established a strong name in their musical genre.

99 Miles, the debut EP from 28to15, is an indie rock record that showcases the catchy sound and witty lyrics put together by Mac, the driving force behind the songwriting, and Nik, the genius producer and mixer. Together, they have come out with a stunning collection of five songs that will appeal to a broad audience and introduce the band’s distinctive rock and pop combination. “Hey Beautiful Day”, “I’m Alright”, “Bright Eyed”, and other exceptional songs give the album its complete identity.

The thrilling “Hey Beautiful Day” by 28to15 sets the tone for the album’s opening moments. From the opening chords, it is immediately apparent that this band means business. The catchy guitar riffs, lively beats, and powerful vocals will grab your attention right away. “Hey Beautiful Day” sets the tone for the album with its infectious chorus and anthem-like passion, leaving fans clamoring for more.

As the record progresses, the auditory pleasures of “I’m Alright” are given to us. This song showcases 28to15’s talent for mixing storytelling lyrics with a positive instrumental backdrop. The precise instruments, impassioned results, and perfect production give the song new dimensions and highlight the band’s musical prowess.

The song “Bright Eyed,” which stands out and highlights 28to15, best exemplifies the band’s breadth and depth. As the enticing guitar riffs, throbbing bass, and hard-hitting percussion come together to create an addictive rhythm, you’ll be bobbing your head to the beat. The well-written lyrics, when sung with unbridled emotion, pull out the heartstrings and create a strong bond with the listener. The song “Bright Eyed” is the ideal illustration of the band’s ability to craft appealing tunes while still retaining their distinct indie rock edge.

28to15 has made a strong entrance with their debut album. It’s an album that catches the ear, begs to be heard, and makes an impact. It is evident that this band has a bright future as they develop and improve their sound.

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