Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Dave Asabea: “Stuck to You (Remastered)”

In an age of stylized, auto tuned vocals, Abby says no. Taking us back to a time where true musicianship was expected of any artist. Abby sings from the deepest depths of her soul and has the penmanship to match. If her music was an atom, her heart is its nucleus and from it radiates her electric soul.

Fresh on the London Music Scene, Abby has been honing her craft for years, secretly creating bedroom demos, telling hidden tales of her expressive soul. Being raised in a strict household, popular music was always a taboo. And while singing in church her whole life, immersed in the sounds of gospel, she was always drawn to more. Secretly smuggling albums into her room, showed her the true power of music to transform, heal and inspire. Guided by the likes of the Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill and Funkadelic, Abby began a secret voyage into the world of music making. Now, Abby is ready to reveal over 200 songs, which she calls her ‘soul reflections.’ Her music will beautifully merge her eclectic taste and unique vocals to create a modern ode to classic sounds.

As far as debuts go, consider this the entree. Staying true to her feminine mystique, Abby is keeping her cards close to her chest. But this soulful, lo-fi inspired record, is her jack- a sign that she may be a brave new face of UK soul. The track, though highly syncopated, highlights Abby’s desire to remain in rhythm with the beat of her heart, cutting off her cravings for toxicity. In ways her jazz styling highlights a cliche. Is she born to live the jazz way (perpetually heartbroken) or will she throw away her vices.

In working with emerging producer session9, guided through the benevolent gaze of the internet. She used her love for the work of Shakespearean literature, to present the idea of a star-crossed lover, fated to be stuck to her own demise. In ways Abby uses her own doom as a cautionary tale, advising listeners to take care when it comes to matters of the heart. Much like soul singers that have come before her, her candor is relatable and beautifully refreshing.


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