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“LOVE MARIA” by Crazy Loop

By allenpetersonreviews Dec25,2023

After conquering the audience and having great success in countries such as Poland, Romania, Germany, Ukraine and Austria with the single “Crazy Loop (Mm Ma Ma)”, Crazy Loop releases “Love Maria”, a glinting new single that promises to be the next anthem of the pop culture like a dose of nostalgia for the fans of 80’s music. “Love Maria” is another project bearing the signature of the Moldovan artist. The music was composed by Crazy Loop, the lyrics were written by him alongside Corey Chorus, and the song was produced by the artist and Gabriel Huiban.

“Love Maria” is accompanied by an uplifting cinematic video that gathers almost 3000 children from the Ukrainean schools. The video was filmed in Kiev for 10 days, before the war started, and it was directed by the artist who left his mark on both the concept and the choreography of the character. Dan Bălan introduced his alter ego to the world with the release of the single “Crazy Loop (Mm Ma Ma)” in 2007, having a great success in many European countries. The character became a huge phenomenon, spawning thousands of videos of impersonators.

Well known for his unique unconventional style, Crazy Loop gained global popularity through time. Dan Bălan is also the founder of the band O-Zone and wrote many remarkable songs but also the international hit single “Dragostea Din Tei”, which topped the charts in 32 countries and sold more than 12 million copies worldwide. Through time, he had multiple successes as an author and soloist. Dan Bălan released international hits such as “Chica Bomb”, “Freedom”, “Lendo Calendo”, “Hold on Love”, “Allegro Ventigo” and “Numa numa 2” and he has been awarded several times. Moreover, Dan was Grammy nominee for T.I. feat Rihanna – Live Your Life. In 2019, the artist was at the jury table for the first time, as a coach, at the Voice of Ukraine.

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