Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

“Synthetic Alchemy: The Golden Mean Project by Sarah Marie Nicolosi”

Dive headfirst into the kaleidoscopic universe of “The Golden Mean Project,” as crafted by the visionary Sarah Marie Nicolosi and her neurodivergent musical alchemists. In this extraordinary electronic, synth-pop, and EDM odyssey, a decade-long camaraderie blossoms into an intricate sonic tapestry that beckons listeners into unexplored realms.

At the forefront of this celestial expedition is Sarah Marie Nicolosi, a virtuoso whose mastery of diverse instruments serves as the heartbeat of the album’s rhythmic and melodic odyssey. From the ethereal whispers of the melodica to the thunderous beats of the drums, Nicolosi orchestrates a symphony that transcends the conventional boundaries of music.

Charles Sadler, a sonic sorcerer, sprinkles electronic stardust throughout the dreamscape. His synth expertise introduces a futuristic and experimental dimension, seamlessly weaving into the album’s fabric and propelling “The Golden Mean Project” into uncharted auditory dimensions.

Jonathan Ford, a digital percussion architect and electric guitar maestro, injects vitality and energy into the compositions. The fusion of modern technology and traditional instruments, as exemplified by Ford, defines the album’s eclectic and vibrant nature.

Charlie Milkey’s electric bass grooves anchor the project, providing a rhythmic foundation for the danceable and dynamic qualities that make each track an immersive experience. Milkey’s rhythmic sensibilities contribute to the sonic journey’s ebb and flow, adding depth to this collaborative masterpiece.

Michael Nicolosi, the sonic wizard serving as both producer and instrumentalist, enriches the tapestry with multifaceted contributions. From the cosmic tones of the Jupiter-4 to the rhythmic nuances of the ratchet, Nicolosi’s skill set adds layers of complexity and emotion, elevating “The Golden Mean Project” to celestial heights.

Beyond being a musical creation, this album is a testament to a decade-long friendship and a shared passion for artistic expression. Recorded in the artistic crucible of Minneapolis, MN, masterfully produced by Michael Nicolosi, with mastering by the impeccable Jacques Wait, the collaboration extends beyond notes and beats, underscoring the dedication and artistic merit embedded in every track.

The title “The Golden Mean Project”¬†finds its roots in the mesmerizing patterns of the Fibonacci spiral, reflecting the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the ancient Greek maxim “Meden Agan,” advocating equilibrium in every facet of existence. Sarah Marie Nicolosi, the visionary behind this endeavor, beckons you to embark on a transformative exploration of curiosity and self-expression, unveiling a sublime balance reminiscent of the Golden Mean.

“The Golden Mean Project”¬†goes beyond the realm of a mere album; it stands as a celebration of collaborative spirit, the richness of neurodivergent perspectives, and the limitless potential born when diverse talents converge. As you immerse yourself in this celestial auditory odyssey, may you encounter resonances of your own inquisitiveness and self-expression, harmonizing with the profound beauty encapsulated within the concept of the Golden Mean.

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