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“Into the Enigmatic Hues: Exceptional Failures’ “Cherry Mist” Reshaping Sonic Horizons”

By allenpetersonreviews Feb6,2024

In the eclectic musical mosaic of Portland, emerges the formidable duo—Exceptional Failures, comprising the talented Corey Distler and the rhythmic force that is Dambo. Together, they weave an intricate musical tapestry, refusing to be confined by genre norms. At the heart of their sonic journey lies their latest creation, the enigmatic “Cherry Mist.”

“Cherry Mist” is an odyssey into the uncharted territories of sound. With the absence of a defined theme, the track serves as a vessel for emotional energy—an open invitation to interpret, feel, and surrender to its spell. The song taps into the collective yearnings for excitement, joy, and fulfillment, utilizing powerful drums, impassioned vocals, and cascading guitar riffs as conduits for these sentiments. What distinguishes “Cherry Mist” is its ever-changing nature, with lyrics morphing in each live performance, embodying a delightful sense of ambiguity.

Corey Distler and Dambo are the architects of this sonic storm. Corey’s multifaceted role as guitarist, vocalist, and harmonica player adds layers of complexity to their sound, shaping a sonic landscape that is as unpredictable as it is mesmerizing. On the drums, Dambo commands the rhythm with thunderous beats, providing a robust backbone to the duo’s sonic explorations.

Exceptional failures have etched their mark on the music scene, clinching 2nd place in the 2023 High Sierra Music Festival Band Contest and making their presence felt in NPR’s 2023 Tiny Desk Band Contest. Beyond the stage, their commitment to social causes shines through their involvement in the Opening Act 10th Anniversary We Can Survive benefit concert, where they raised funds and awareness for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The lyrics of “Cherry Mist” evoke a rollercoaster of emotions, mirroring the chaos and ecstasy inherent in the track. From the infectious “Woo!” that kicks off the song to the climactic “Bring it on back,” the words vividly portray a mind enveloped in the intoxicating haze of cherry mist—an ode to the inexplicable, an anthem for uncharted emotional territories.

The chorus, with its rhythmic repetition of “Cherry Mist,” transforms into a celebratory mantra, encapsulating the intangible joy that music has the power to bring. The effervescent imagery of “Cherry Red” adds a visual layer to the auditory experience, turning the journey into a synesthetic exploration that transcends conventional boundaries.

Exceptional failures once again prove that their garage rock is far from ordinary. “Cherry Mist” stands as a testament to their readiness to embrace the unpredictable, revel in the chaos, and craft a musical experience that defies genre and expectation. In a world where ambiguity often leads to confusion, Exceptional Failures transforms it into art, and “Cherry Mist” emerges as the masterpiece born from their sonic alchemy.

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