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“Questioning the Norms: A Journey Through Polemica’s ‘And now…'”

By allenpetersonreviews Jan 4, 2024

Polemica, the international powerhouse quartet based in Italy, is back with their latest album, “And now…,” a musical manifesto that stands as a bold and unapologetic question mark against societal norms. At the helm of this sonic voyage is Hilary Binder, whose emotive and politically charged lyrics are masterfully delivered over a captivating soundscape co-composed by Giulio Marino, Zilly, and Vincenzo Vik Di Santo. The album, released digitally in September, is a musical reflection of both hope and despair, pulsing with grooves, sonic reflections, and an undeniable force of presence.

With a defiant spirit, “And now…” dives headfirst into the world of genre-bending music, weaving together punk, funk, noise, rock, and experimental elements. Each of the album’s ten meticulously crafted songs possesses a unique quality, yet together they form a cohesive identity that challenges conventions and encourages independent thinking.

The album kicks off with “Paranoia,” immediately immersing the listener in a world of unease. The haunting and repetitive chant of “paranoia” serves as an arresting introduction. Pulsating drumbeats create an eerie atmosphere, setting the stage for the thematic exploration that lies ahead. This track not only sets the tone for the album but also delivers an energetic and emotional punch, with a fast beat, an energetic guitar, and cinematic, stage-worthy vocals. The unconventional blend of elements in “Paranoia” works together in a wonderfully unusual way, making it an unforgettable opening.

In “The Vote,” a melodic and groovy vibe takes center stage, neither too fast nor too chill, striking a balance that keeps the listener engaged. The groovy bass line steals the spotlight, contributing significantly to the song’s unique character. It’s a track that showcases Polemica’s versatility and ability to craft diverse sonic experiences.

“Good Riddance” stands out as another distinctive offering, exuding a moody and charismatic aura. The vocals are the star here, evoking the emotions of a live performance or a musical with their palpable and emotive quality. This track is a testament to the band’s ability to deliver a range of emotions through their music.

“Roe v. Wade (Hey! Don’t Touch That)” injects a dose of funky exuberance into the mix, driven by an insistent drumbeat. The song’s message begins with a direct warning but quickly evolves into a fervent and poetic recital. It ignites with jamming guitars, pounding drums, and spirited, funky vocals that demand attention. It’s a dynamic piece that showcases the band’s ability to merge strong themes with a vibrant musical backdrop.

Amidst the energetic journey, “Isolation” serves as a breath of fresh air, offering a chill, contemplative respite. Placed masterfully in the album’s sequence, it provides the listener with a moment of reflection after the intensity of previous tracks. The strategic placement of “Isolation” ensures the album’s flow is both dynamic and thought-provoking.

In “And now…,” Polemica has crafted a musical odyssey that transcends boundaries and challenges norms. It’s an unapologetic exploration of emotions, themes, and sounds that leaves a lasting impact. This album is an intellectual and emotional journey, an invitation to think independently and embrace the power of defiance. Polemica continues to be a provocative force in the international music scene, fearlessly confronting social injustices and raising critical questions through their art.

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