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“Electrifying Sounds: Dennul’s ‘Muay Thai’ Triumph”

By allenpetersonreviews Jan4,2024

Emerging from the vibrant and diverse music scene of Miami, Florida, Dennul, known as Danniel De La Cruz, epitomizes an artist immersed in a world of harmonious influences. His narrative weaves a captivating tapestry, shaped by his father’s rock and Santana influences, his mother’s ballad-loving heart, and the infectious reggaeton and cumbia rhythms that defined his upbringing.

While music wasn’t the focal point of Dennul’s initial career trajectory, his return to the dynamic Miami music scene realigned his course. As he recounts, “The Miami scene is in constant flux, and my multifaceted musical perspective allowed me to venture into distinct lanes, actively engaging with them.”

Dennul’s deep dive into Miami’s punk scene played a pivotal role in his artistic evolution. His tenure as a bassist and vocalist with bands like Bear, The Hatts, VNTRS, and Ocean Depth saw them grace revered Florida venues like Revolution Live. It was during this period, while creating self-made EPs with his band, that Dennul discovered his true passion for digital music production.

Now, with his sights firmly set on his solo project, Dennul is on an unwavering quest to explore the furthest creative horizons. Drawing from his diverse musical journey, Dennul’s current work embodies his punk-rock roots, embracing the raw energy and distortion that characterize his past.

 "Muay Thai" by Dennul


Enter “Muay Thai,” a musical odyssey that immediately seizes the listener from the inaugural beat and retains its grip throughout. It defies the confines of a mere song; it’s an electrifying journey, a homage to the highest levels of energy and defiance.

What commands attention in “Muay Thai” is the sheer potency of the beats. They strike with the impact of street-fighting punches, catapulting the track forward with relentless vigor. These beats are not a mere backdrop; they form the very backbone of the composition, setting the stage for the electrifying voyage that ensues and cultivating a palpable atmosphere of anticipation and exhilaration.

Throughout “Muay Thai,” Dennul masterfully integrates vocal samples, intricately threading them into the sonic fabric. These samples are not mere adornments; they are essential elements, adding depth and weaving an engrossing narrative. They don’t merely supplement the track; they are integral, forging a thematic connection to the spirit of combat and reinforcing the song’s rebellious ethos.

The bassline in “Muay Thai” is a genuine revelation. Infused with the rawness and defiance of punk rock, it encapsulates the essence of rebellion and resilience. This bassline doesn’t linger in the background; it commands attention as a dominant, driving force. It substantially contributes to the track’s character, infusing it with a punk-rock edge that is both authentic and electrifying.

In “Muay Thai,” Dennul doesn’t just craft music; he engineers a sonic revolution, a surge of energy that is as bold as it is invigorating. It serves as a testament to his multifaceted artistic journey, merging diverse influences into a resounding declaration of his musical individuality.

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