Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

“In the Heart of Sound: Assa Music’s ‘Typical’ Explores Love’s Nuances”

Assa Music, the visionary EDM talent hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Norway, welcomes us into a mesmerizing exploration of love with his latest deep house masterpiece, “Typical.” Infused with influences from classical, nu-metal, and the pulsating heartbeat of EDM, Assa Music weaves a sonic tapestry that resonates with finesse and emotion.

In this musical journey, Assa Music emerges as a sonic virtuoso, navigating the labyrinth of EDM with an effortless blend of future bass and chill tropical houseā€”a nod to his roots while fearlessly pushing genre boundaries. This dynamic artist, whose life mosaic includes classical training, culinary arts, personal training, and massage therapy, boasts a distinctive identity that transcends the conventional. In “Typical,” Assa Music not only showcases technical brilliance but also reveals profound emotional intelligence, elevating his cover of Alok and Steve Aoki’s hit to celestial heights.

“Give me that taste, night into day. Give me the highs I love. It’s always the same, screaming my name. Yeah, you know what I want.” Assa Music embarks on a lyrical escapade, opening with an impassioned plea for intensity that mirrors a thirst for the euphoric highs of love. These words resonate with the artist’s diverse journey, marked by an unyielding pursuit of passion in both music and personal exploits.

“You made me a sinner. I can’t look in the mirror. Your love is a thriller, yeah. You hold me, you hold me, and you hold me like you know. You only play this game because you are lonely.” Here, Assa Music lays bare his soul, addressing the internal turmoil sparked by love. The dichotomy of being made a “sinner” while reveling in the thrill of love weaves a poignant narrative, with loneliness adding a layer of vulnerability reflecting the pandemic-induced isolation detailed in Assa Music’s biography.

“It’s so typical. Call me cynical. Love’s conditional. It’s like I’m invisible. It’s so typical. Poise is difficult. We’re not physical. So typical, typical.” The rhythmic repetition of “Typical” becomes a mantra, an acknowledgment of the cyclical nature that love often adopts. Assa Music’s cynicism is not a dismissal but a shrewd observation of the conditional facets of love, and the sense of invisibility resonates with those who have navigated the intricacies of relationships.

“‘Cause I’m not the same, counting the days. I don’t recognize myself. You lie to my face, asking for grace. Giving you what you want.” As the composition unfolds, Assa Music delves into personal metamorphosis and the hurdles of preserving authenticity amid external pressures. Themes of deception and compromise mirror the artist’s traverse through diverse professions, shedding light on internal struggles faced during pivotal life shifts.

In “Typical,” Assa Music transcends the label of a mere cover. It metamorphoses into a canvas where his diverse experiences seamlessly merge with the emotional complexities of the lyrics. The listener is not just treated to a deep house track but is beckoned into an intimate exploration of love’s peaks and valleys and the ever-evolving self. Assa Music, with his masterful fusion of genres and profound lyricism, cements his status as an artist who doesn’t just create music but crafts immersive experiences that linger in the hearts of those who listen.

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