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Echoes of Advaita: A Spiritual Quest Through Post Death Soundtrack’s “Veil Lifter”

By allenpetersonreviews May9,2024

Unveiling the darkness within has never sounded so cathartic. Post Death Soundtrack, a Vancouver-based outfit that started as a psychedelic exploration led by vocalist and guitarist Stephen Moore, has morphed into a powerful force with their latest offering, “Veil Lifter.” This ten-track sonic odyssey throws open the gates to a genre-bending soundscape, a potent blend of doom, grunge, hardcore, and thrash that merges seamlessly with the band’s introspective journey.

“Veil Lifter” isn’t just a catchy title; it’s a mission statement. The album delves into the heart of Eastern philosophy’s concept of dispelling ignorance, a theme woven throughout the exploration of spiritual yearning, mental illness, and the unflinching gaze at life’s harsh realities. The listener becomes a companion on the narrator’s path, traversing shamanic visions and dreamscapes in a quest for renewal and transformation.

This sonic pilgrimage marks a sharp turn from the band’s previous foray into industrial soundscapes. “Veil Lifter” embraces a raw, organic energy, a self-proclaimed “doom grunge” that draws inspiration from the legendary likes of Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, and Nirvana. Yet, the influence of contemporary heavyweights like Queens of the Stone Age and Windhand adds a fresh dimension, creating a sound that feels both familiar and utterly unique. This sonic tapestry conjures an atmosphere of outsider angst, channeling the raw intensity of a pack of hyenas facing down the world.

But “Veil Lifter” isn’t just about the music; it’s about the masterful execution. Stephen Moore’s vocals are a revelation, morphing from ferocious growls to serene whispers as he embodies the album’s diverse themes. He himself describes the work as a raw reflection of his personal battles—isolation, depression, and addiction laid bare. This vulnerability adds a layer of authenticity that resonates deeply.

Jon Ireson’s production expertise is the glue that holds this sonic journey together. Each element—Steve’s prolific guitar work, the pulsating bass lines, and Casey Lewis’ drumming—contributes to the album’s potent energy. Lewis’ drumming deserves special recognition. He masterfully maintains a raw, old-school feel while injecting a modern energy that propels the music forward. The collaborative spirit between Steve and Jon is evident, with Steve’s guitar work forming the foundation for a sonic evolution that seamlessly blends slow dirges with hardcore bursts of energy.

“Veil Lifter” isn’t afraid to confront the darkness. It’s a raw exploration of the human condition, drawing on metaphorical and dreamlike language that incorporates Eastern philosophical influences like Advaita, Zen, and Krishnamurti. The album serves as a form of spiritual armor, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Dedicated to Steve’s father, Ted George Moore, the record is a powerful reflection of creative expression as a means of processing and overcoming challenges.

“Veil Lifter” is more than just an album; it’s an experience. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the depths of self-discovery and the cathartic power of music. Crank up the volume, prepare to confront the darkness within, and emerge, hopefully, a little lighter on the other side.

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