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“COMBUSTIONEER” by Ubiquity Machine

By allenpetersonreviews Sep13,2023

Ubiquity Machine, a dynamic collective led by the visionary collaboration of Dan Marsh (Rabbit) and Howard Rabach, defies musical boundaries with their genre-blurring approach. Drawing inspiration from diverse influences, including electronic, rock, synth, and pop, their sound is a fusion of what resonates as simply “good” to their discerning ears. This forms the foundation for their unique style, seamlessly weaving impactful lyrics with an alt/indie/rock essence that spans decades. Their debut album intricately combines elements of psychedelic, pop, rock, folk, and blues, inviting listeners on a captivating sonic journey. What began as a personal outlet has evolved into a resonant artistic connection with their audience, driving their ongoing creative evolution. Ubiquity Machine thrives as musical pioneers, driven by an insatiable passion for sonic innovation, meaningful storytelling, and the enchanting interplay of genres that defines their modern musical narrative.

The latest release, “Combustioneer,” takes listeners on an entrancing sonic journey that masterfully blends elements of indie, alternative rock, and psychedelia.

The track begins with a minimalist electric guitar chord progression, gradually building an introspective atmosphere enhanced by subtle percussion and intricate basslines.

As the music evolves, enchanting vocal harmonies, delicate bells, and evocative keys seamlessly interweave, guiding the composition into a complex psychedelic alternative rock sound that ignites the imagination.

The synergy between dreamy electric guitar chords and pulsating drums generates dynamic energy, heightened by the tranquil synth that complements the mesmerizing vocals, creating a captivating sonic landscape.

Lyrics hint at unspoken desires and profound longing, adding emotional complexity and solidifying “Combustioneer” as a testament to Ubiquity Machine’s artistic prowess, offering a glimpse into the depth of their creative expression.

The track invites listeners to immerse themselves in a harmonious and captivating musical experience, fostering reflection, connection, and a renewed appreciation for the limitless possibilities of musical expression that resonate deeply within the soul.

In “Combustioneer,” Ubiquity Machine not only crafts an engaging track but also invites us on a sonic odyssey that captures the essence of their artistic journey, transporting us to new sonic dimensions and leaving a resonant impact that lingers and reverberates long after the final note fades away.

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