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“YOU FOUND ME” by John Lowery

By allenpetersonreviews Dec26,2023

The talented singer-songwriter John Lowery began his musical career in Portland, Oregon, in the middle of the 1990s. Hatful of Rain, a band he founded with renowned guitarist Mark Englert from Dramarama, marked his entry into the music industry. John gained notoriety after their debut album had widespread distribution, radio airplay, and rave reviews. He started a successful solo career in 2000 and has since put out a number of compelling albums, including “Fancy Car,” “I’m Going Home,” and his most recent release, “Epiphany,” which is available on iTunes.

Throughout his career, John has collaborated with esteemed musicians, including jazz virtuoso Jeff Linsky, Grammy Award-winning producer John Smith from Nu Shooz, and the talented drummer Tony Snow of Dramarama. Currently based in Oceanside, CA, John frequently graces stages as a solo artist in his local music scenes, captivating audiences in San Diego, LA, and Orange County. Blending rock, acoustic melodies, and electrifying guitar work, John has carved out a unique and enchanting sound.

Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, John’s lyrics delve into the depths of human emotions and offer a genuine reflection of his own journey. Influenced by musical legends such as Tom Petty, REM, U2, The Eagles, and Dramarama, John Lowery continues to captivate audiences with his heartfelt compositions and powerful performances.

In his latest track, “You Found Me,” John Lowery fearlessly explores the intricate dynamics of love, capturing both the heart-wrenching loss and the exhilarating discovery of new beginnings. He easily captures hope and redemption in his songs, making an indelible impression on listeners’ emotions with soulful melodies and moving words. John establishes an enduring emotional resonance through his extraordinary capacity to genuinely connect with his audience.

This song is meant to catch people’s hearts since it provides a musical experience that speaks to the core of the soul. John Lowery asks us to accept the nuances of love and find peace in the transformative force of his astounding songs as his musical journey progresses.

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