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Fiona Ross, an acclaimed jazz maestro and versatile musician, presents an enthralling blend of Latin Jazz, vintage club vibes, neo-soul, and heartfelt ballads. With global acclaim for her albums and captivating live performances, Fiona’s talent transcends boundaries. As the founder of Women in Jazz Media and an esteemed educator, she empowers emerging talents, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. Fiona’s diverse musical background shines through her soulful voice and genre-blurring compositions, captivating audiences worldwide.

Her latest album, “Thoughts, Conversations, and To-Do Lists,” takes listeners on an immersive journey through 14 unique musical narratives. From the evocative opener “When Will You Leave My Mind” to the introspective finale “Thursday Thoughts,” each track weaves a captivating tapestry of sounds and emotions. Fiona’s fusion of soulful melodies, indie rock nuances, neo-soul rhythms, and poignant balladry creates a spellbinding auditory experience. A consummate storyteller, Fiona captures sentiments that resonate deeply, offering glimpses into her daily life through her music. The lush orchestrations showcase her artistry, with entrancing instrumental solos enhancing the sonic landscape. From the contemplative “The Small Things” to the vibrant “When You Walked into The Room,” each piece unveils a facet of Fiona’s world, exploring themes of truth, resilience, and human connection.

As the composer, songwriter, and producer of the album, Fiona Ross’s creative prowess shines through, pushing musical boundaries and captivating listeners with her distinct sound and storytelling finesse. Her music emanates genuine empathy, and her raw emotions leave a lasting impact. Every track on the album is a testament to her brilliance, leaving listeners enthralled and eager for her next chapter. Fiona Ross’s “Thoughts, Conversations, and To-Do Lists” is a timeless masterpiece, solidifying her ascent as a rising star in the music scene.

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