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“We Call It Junk” by the avant-garde musical collective known as Junk stands as a groundbreaking track that redefines the boundaries of contemporary music. Blending saxophone brilliance, bass mastery, emotive vocals, guitar virtuosity, and a touch of rap, Junk crafts an exhilarating sonic experience. The fusion of rap verses with the evocative saxophone creates an unexpected and captivating juxtaposition, resulting in a distinctive funk-infused atmosphere.

The track’s innovation and fearless exploration of musical boundaries are evident throughout. Incorporating classic instruments like violins and cellos adds depth, enriching the sonic tapestry. “We Call It Junk” carries a message of artistic liberation, standing as an anthem of creative independence and celebrating limitless artistic possibilities.

Junk’s audacious assertion of their artistic prowess challenges conventions and pushes the envelope of artistic expression. Comprised of Dirty D, Dubl A, and Nik Anthem, Junk seamlessly blends elements into their visionary sound, transcending genres. “We Call It Junk” is a continuation of their signature style, with dynamic rap verses harmonizing with the saxophone’s evocative melodies and hip-hop beats, anchored by resonant bass and enriched by unexpected layers of classical instruments.

As believers in constructive critique and self-assuredness, Junk encourages listeners to embrace both the roles of critic and fan, celebrating innovative musical creations. Rooted in San Diego, USA, Junk’s nu-jazz collective solidifies their distinctive sound in “We Call It Junk,” bridging classic and contemporary influences and encapsulating unadulterated joy and fun.

Ultimately, “We Call It Junk” is a testament to Junk’s refusal to be confined by genre boundaries. It establishes them as trailblazers in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, leaving an indelible mark on the world of sound. Join Junk on a captivating sonic Journey of creativity and innovation.

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