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“BETTER LIFE” by The Pulltops

By allenpetersonreviews Oct18,2023

The Pulltops, a Milwaukee-based duo, deliver a hooky mix of Indie Rock, Power Pop, and Album Rock. Drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, both eclectic record collectors, immediately clicked when they joined their first band together. While Mark leaned heavier on old country and soul music, Tom drew influences from the experimental and underground scenes. Despite their differences, they found common ground in pop music and strong hooks at the heart of their writing. Though they never strayed too far from the classic pop and indie rock formula, they often incorporated elements from their eclectic influences. Endeared by their ever-evolving sound and charismatic performances, The Pulltops continue to mesmerize audiences with their latest original single, “Better Life.” This compelling track exemplifies their musical growth and unwavering dedication to creating music that resonates deeply with listeners. With “Better Life,” The Pulltops reaffirm their position as a dynamic duo that effortlessly weaves together genres and emotions, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next chapter of their musical journey.

“Better Life” is a captivating song that delves deep into the human desire for a brighter future. The lyrics vividly portray someone yearning to break free from the darkness around them, seeking solace in the bustling city streets. The protagonist’s restless spirit is palpable as he navigates life’s challenges and uncertainties. The heartbreaking chorus acts as a powerful rallying cry, urging listeners to shed their fears and take control of their destiny. It speaks to the universal longing for change, resonating with anyone who has ever sought a fresh start or a second chance. The emotional intensity of the song is heightened by the melodic arrangement, perfectly complementing the raw emotions in the lyrics. “Better Life” becomes an anthem for those who dare to dream, inspiring them to embrace the unknown. It’s a reminder that hope is always within reach, no matter how dark the present may seem. The song encourages listeners to find their strength and resilience by pushing through adversity with unwavering determination. Ultimately, “Better Life” is a powerful ode to the human spirit, capturing the essence of the human experience with its emotional depth and uplifting message.

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