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“SPEAK FOR A MOMENT” by Matt DeAngelis

By allenpetersonreviews Nov18,2023

In the vast realm of contemporary music, few artists manage to combine authenticity, meaningfulness, and musicality as deftly as Matt DeAngelis. Hailing from southern New Jersey, DeAngelis is not your typical singer-songwriter. His latest creation, “Speak for A Moment,” is an exquisite testament to his unique blend of introspection and musical prowess.

At the age of 24, DeAngelis has emerged as a remarkable figure in the music industry. Beyond his years, his ability to weave positivity into his compositions is evident, stemming from his personal triumph over an OCD/anxiety disorder, guided by unwavering faith. As an advocate for climate change and mental health from a young age, DeAngelis takes his advocacy to new heights as a storm chaser, effectively using his platform to amplify messages about Earth’s changing climate.

“Speak for a Moment” opens the door to a serene, introspective journey. The song’s enchanting melody immediately transports listeners into a world of contemplation and self-discovery. The opening lines, “Freedom seldom comes along; now I can write my own song,” set the tone for an exploration of newfound liberation through solitude. DeAngelis captures the essence of embracing individuality and charting one’s course, underscored by the candid confession, “It feels good to be a loner, and who knows, maybe I can be a stoner someday.”

Throughout the song, DeAngelis maintains a genuine and heartfelt approach, touching on themes of vulnerability and growth. The line “I’m still a child, don’t you see? Can you catch me climbing a tree?” evokes a sense of innocence and authenticity that resonates with listeners. His vocals possess a soothing quality, akin to a trusted confidant sharing their innermost thoughts.

The chorus of “Speak for A Moment” emerges as the song’s focal point, capturing the essence of DeAngelis’ message. The repetition of “Speak for a Moment, sing for a Day” serves as a call to action—an invitation to seize the present moment, share one’s voice, and embrace life’s fleeting instances. DeAngelis’ skillful incorporation of time-related imagery, such as “Look at the clock, look at the clock; it’s ticking’ away,” masterfully underscores the value of time and its unstoppable passage.

As “Speak for a Moment” gracefully concludes, the repeated “Speak for a Moment, Sing for a Day” morphs from a mere chorus into a mantra of empowerment. The song’s simplicity, coupled with its melodious cadence, imparts a sense of tranquility—a brief escape from life’s incessant tumult.

In essence, “Speak for a Moment” encapsulates the voyage of self-discovery, the embrace of solitude, and the ephemeral nature of existence.

DeAngelis’ emotionally charged lyrics and heartfelt delivery encourage listeners to celebrate their uniqueness, vocalize their truths, and treasure life’s fleeting instances. Amidst the cacophony of the music industry, DeAngelis stands out as a beacon of positivity and transformation, utilizing his artistic talents to craft a more radiant and empathetic world.

For an experience that resonates with introspection, listen to “Speak for a Moment”. Allow its melodic allure to transport you to a realm of contemplation, reminding us that within each fleeting moment lies the opportunity to embrace life’s journey wholeheartedly.

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