Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Piper-Grace – Skin (Official Music Video)

By allenpetersonreviews Jan9,2024

R&B and Neo-Soul sensation Piper-Grace, hailing from the Southwest, is poised to enchant audiences with her most recent single, ‘Skin,’ succeeding her April drop, ‘Selfish.’ Listen to ‘Skin’ right here.

‘Skin’ encapsulates three minutes of raw emotion and vulnerability. Piper-Grace delivers yet another stellar vocal showcase, delving into the intricate dance between succumbing to tempting impulses and exercising restraint, all set against a captivating instrumental backdrop that immediately captures the listener’s attention.

As Piper-Grace continues to ascend, ‘Skin’ stands as a compelling testament to her evolving artistry, seamlessly blending relatability with rhythmic prowess. Her heartfelt vocals resonate deeply, capturing both fans and industry insiders alike.

Piper-Grace’s distinctive vocal style, infused with soulful nuances, has graced esteemed stages such as Tape, The Social (as an opener for Saint Joshua), Camden’s Jazz Café, and Koko (supporting Afrobeat and Amapiano maestro DJ Spinall). Additionally, she’s performed at venues like Soho House, Amazing Grace, and Live Nation’s ‘Source’ showcase at The Old Blue Last.

Her musical prowess hasn’t gone unnoticed, garnering praise from influential industry platforms like Clash, Notion, Wordplay, and Wonderland.

Reflecting on her latest release, Piper-Grace expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “The release of ‘Skin’ fills me with immense excitement. This track embodies my growth as an emerging artist, exploring the delicate balance between longing and restraint. Collaborating with Talay Riley and Joe Gosling was pure magic from our first session last year.”

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