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Jack Harlow – Lovin on Me [Official Music Video]

By allenpetersonreviews Jan9,2024

Jack Harlow has made a comeback with “Lovin On Me,” complemented by an associated music video. Released on Friday (Nov. 10) and directed by Aidan Cullen, the straightforward visuals spotlight a range of Harlow’s acquaintances. Set against vibrant backdrops, Harlow is depicted dancing alongside a puppy, donning various attire.

Prior to the video’s premiere, Harlow shared insights about its significance, dubbing the track as the initiation of a “new chapter” in his musical journey. He emphasized a forthcoming evolution in his sound following the unveiling of this particular single.

Expressing gratitude on Instagram, he wrote, “Thank you for allowing me to reset this year. I returned to Kentucky and crafted an album that touring wouldn’t have permitted. Embracing the warmth of family and old friends, this has undeniably been one of my most joyful years. Yet, the dawn of a new era is upon us. Await ‘Lovin On Me’ at midnight EST.”

In the video, the Kentucky-born artist radiates positivity, effortlessly syncing with his friends as they revel and synchronize with the music’s rhythm. Regarding the song’s composition, notes that “Lovin On Me” incorporates a sample from Dale’s “Whatever,” with Harlow ingeniously adapting its chorus for his rendition. Throughout his verses, Harlow exhibits playful flirtation with a prospective romantic interest.

He spits lines like, “Young J-A-C-K, also known as Rico, is akin to Suave, Young Enrique. Mentioning AKA, she’s an alpha, but in my presence, she turns reticent; let’s pause.” Further emphasizing, “Don’t misconstrue perceptions about me. Disregard the misconceptions; there’s an undeniable allure about her when she dons cheetah prints, yearning for recognition in my circle.”

Harlow had initially teased “Lovin on Me” in October via his social media platforms. He commenced a series on TikTok, showcasing moments with his pet and integrating the track’s rhythm. Clad in New Balance athletic wear, Harlow animatedly lip-synced to the chorus, teasing fans with snippets of the song.

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