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“PAPIER-MÂCHÉ” by Attic Theory featuring Kevin Martin of Candlebox.

By allenpetersonreviews Oct12,2023

In the realm of modern music, certain collaborations transcend individual talents, resulting in masterpieces that leave an indelible mark on the soul. One such case is Attic Theory, emerging from Liverpool’s vibrant musical scene. Their unique “alternative groove rock” style, led by Lewis Wright’s captivating vocals, has enraptured global rock enthusiasts. Alongside accomplished musicians Peter Donnelly, Tim Cunningham, Math Lawler, Kenny MacArthur, and Norm Walker, Attic Theory earned recognition as “Best New Band” at Planet Rock Radio’s prestigious “The Rocks” awards.

The culmination of Attic Theory’s creativity lies in their magnum opus—“Papier-Mâché. This symphonic journey seamlessly blends their sound with the evocative vocals of Kevin Martin from the esteemed ensemble Candlebox. The track begins with a gentle acoustic introduction, drawing listeners into an emotionally profound experience. Lewis and Kevin’s voices intertwine gracefully, barking and singing in alternating fashion, crafting an atmosphere exuding vulnerability and introspection. The lyrics explore inner turmoil and the search for solace, echoing the delicate nature of “Papier-Mâché.”

These initial moments create an enchanting anticipation, akin to a shared secret among close friends.

The song takes an exhilarating turn as “Papier-Mâché” evolves into a crescendo of dynamic instrumentation. This transformation is a testament to musical storytelling, propelling the composition into an elevated realm of energy and engagement. The shift mirrors the ebb and flow of human emotions, resulting in a chorus that lingers long after the music ends.

The harmonious fusion of Attic Theory and Kevin Martin exemplifies musical synergy—an alchemical blend that unites two distinct sonic identities into a harmonious whole. The alternating barks and melodies between Lewis and Kevin’s voices infuse authenticity into each verse, sharing a personal narrative that resonates on a deeply human level.

As the composition unfolds, the metaphor of “Papier-Mâché” gains layers of significance. The “mask” symbolizes emotional defenses that people often employ, hiding vulnerabilities behind layers of façade. The metaphorical act of “peeling off the mask” embodies the liberation of one’s authentic self, enriching the narrative and prompting reflection on personal growth.

“Papier-Mâché” underscores music’s ability to traverse emotional landscapes and encapsulate complex human experiences. Its gentle beginning and fervent climax mirror life’s intricate journey, offering a sonic reflection of the highs and lows that define humanity. Attic Theory’s composition, coupled with Lewis and Kevin’s alternating vocal orchestration, gives birth to a symphony of sound and sentiment that leaves a profound mark on listeners. This collaboration, a beacon of musical synergy, highlights the deep beauty that music adds to life, making “Papier-Mâché” an enduring testament to the potency of artistic expression.

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