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“21ST CENTURY DOGS” by Golem Dance Cult.

By allenpetersonreviews Dec25,2023

Charles Why and Laur are the two personalities behind the “Industrial Dance Rock” band “Golem Dance Cult”. Charles and Laur, despite their weight, come from the same lineage of the powerful guitar congregation, a “mechanic, ceremonial groove with soul and grit.” Their goal must remain unplanned, instinct must be followed, and mistakes must be learned. A rock-based strategy that bypasses the formal framework of the genre and layers in electronic elements with a rigid attitude!

The true musical careers of Charles and Laur got off to a fast start when both were teenagers. They got separated along the way to embark on their separate musical journeys. Until 2021, when both agreed to join forces again for another musical endeavor under the same name, “Golem Dance Cult,” but this time both were highly equipped with musical experience and understanding. Laur is currently based in France, while Charles is in Australia. Although distance sets them apart, their musical purpose reigns and flourishes.

Charles Why and Laur, the creative minds of “Golem Dance Cult,” are currently popular for their style known as “21st Century Dogs”. They created this incredible composition using their gifted musical knowledge and experience. Laur shared lead vocal duties with Charles, the band’s master instrumentalist, who plays a variety of instruments, including the guitar, shruti, bass, harmonica, and other traditional instruments, to complement Laur’s singing. In addition to playing drums and percussion, Laur is now the band’s primary singer.

The intriguing plot of “21st-Century Dogs” is straightforward and traditional. The song portrays the world through the eyes of a dog, both before and after the dog decides to bite its masters’ hands and revolt. The song is enhanced by the compelling storyline and masterful jazz beat that go along with it, which beautifully convey the breathtaking sentiment of jazz music.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of jazz music, 21st Century Dogs’ excellent style and energy make me want to listen to it over and over again. I think lovers of jazz music will testify to that when they give it a try. An outstanding performance that needs to be acknowledged.

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