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Electrifying Freedom: A Review of Electric High’s “Hear Me Out”

By allenpetersonreviews Mar29,2024

Electric High, a high-voltage rock band hailing from Bergen, Norway, ignites the music scene with their latest single, “Hear Me Out.” Influenced by the likes of Wolfmother, Aerosmith, and Black Sabbath, the band charges forward with relentless energy, propelled by two dynamic lead singers and a powerhouse trio of guitarist, bassist, and drummer.

“Hear Me Out” roars to life with a thumping riff that sets the stage for an electrifying journey. Anchored by a sharp guitar riff and a stomping drumbeat, the song quickly shifts gears into an airy, soaring chorus that’s impossible to resist. With their characteristic double lead vocals, Electric High stamps their unmistakable mark on the track, delivering a sound that’s uniquely their own.

But “Hear Me Out” is more than just a showcase of musical prowess; it’s an anthem for freedom of speech. Inspired by the band’s bass player, Ein, and his impassioned catchphrase, the song urges listeners to stand up against oppression, injustice, and censorship. Ein’s tireless desire to speak his truth shines through in the lyrics, lending the song a sense of urgency and conviction.

Throughout “Hear Me Out,” the band’s seamless blend of classic hard rock and alternative influences electrifies the airwaves. From the pulsating guitar riffs to the driving rhythm beat, every element of the song crackles with unadulterated energy. And let’s not forget the electrifying guitar and drum fusion solo, which deserves its own moment in the spotlight—it’s truly a testament to the band’s musical prowess.

Produced by Electric High and recorded at Havnelageret Studio in Bergen, Norway, “Hear Me Out” is a testament to the band’s dedication to their craft. Engineered by Daniel Birkeland and mixed and mastered by Iver Sandøy at Solslottet Studio, the song showcases the band’s commitment to delivering a polished and powerful sound.

“Hear Me Out” is a rallying cry for anyone who believes in the power of music to inspire change. With its infectious energy and impassioned lyrics, Electric High proves once again why they’re a force to be reckoned with in the world of rock music. So, turn up the volume, let your voice be heard, and join Electric High on this electrifying journey of freedom and expression.

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