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“Solution Dub”: Reggae’s Harmonic Journey with the Illustrious Family Band

Embark on a rhythmic odyssey within the heart of reggae’s timeless tapestry—a journey masterfully orchestrated by the visionary Jean Dread and the illustrious Family Band. Hailing from the enchanting Reunion Island, this collective transcends the conventional definition of a band; it’s a conduit guiding us through the annals of time.

Journey back to the mid-’90s, fueled by youthful zeal, where the Baikiom family—Tony on drums, Virginie on keys, and Micka on bass—crafted their debut masterpiece, “Family Band—Judge Not to Be Judged.” This sonic odyssey, first gracing our ears in 1999 and resonating through the ages with a broader release in 2015, stands as a cornerstone in the reggae archives. Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, and Burning Spear, the album is a testament to the enduring spirit of the genre.

Fast forward to the present, where Jean Dread, now Jean Delafamily, carries the torch forward. A brief hiatus only fueled their evolution, culminating in the promise of a forthcoming Bob Marley tribute album—a testament to their unwavering commitment to the reggae revelation.

Within this rich musical tapestry, a creation demands the spotlight—the latest release that sets the reggae scene ablaze. Enter “Solution Dub,” an instrumental masterpiece that transcends eras, ushering listeners into a sonic utopia. The rhythmic alchemy of the Family Band reveals a reggae saga—a journey where the latest release isn’t just a song but a portal to a timeless realm where reggae reigns supreme.

“Solution Dub” weaves a tapestry of reggae excellence, featuring a profound bass line, propulsive drums, and soaring guitar and keyboard solos. Subtle yet effective dub effects add layers of depth and complexity, building in intensity until reaching a climactic chorus. The ensuing dub jam introduces experimental guitar and keyboard solos with pronounced dub effects, leaving listeners yearning for more.

This instrumental piece is a masterclass in dub reggae production, pleasing genre enthusiasts and shining a spotlight on the Jeandel Family’s undeniable talent. The ethereal touches of vocals captivate the mind, becoming a musical beacon that lights the way through the shadows of uncertainty. “Solution Dub” is a reggae revelation, an invitation to partake in a transcendental journey through the timeless essence of reggae’s heartbeat.

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