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Dave Hulegaard’s Twelve Days in June Rocks Back to the 90s with Emotionally Charged “Numb”

By allenpetersonreviews Apr12,2024

Dave Hulegaard, the creative force behind Twelve Days in June, isn’t afraid to wear his influences on his sleeve. A self-described “throwback” artist hailing from Schenectady, New York, Hulegaard channels the angst and energy of 90s alternative rock on his new single, “Numb.” This isn’t just a nostalgic trip down memory lane; it’s a powerful exploration of heartbreak laid bare with raw emotion and a grungy soundscape.

Hulegaard conjures the spirits of alternative rock titans like The Smashing Pumpkins and The Foo Fighters, crafting a soundscape that mirrors the turmoil within the song. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a love that has disintegrated, leaving behind a wasteland of disillusionment and anger. The narrator grapples with a rollercoaster of emotions—rage explodes in the repeated accusation of “I hate you,” but it could just as easily be directed inward, a frustrated scream at the inability to let go.

“Numb” becomes a desperate plea for escape from the crushing weight of grief. The narrator yearns for emotional detachment, a shield to block the paralyzing pain. Silence becomes a comfort; memories are dismissed as meaningless—anything to avoid feeling the raw sting of loss.

But beneath the surface lurks a deeper complexity. The declarations of indifference are a mask, a defense mechanism against the overwhelming hurt. Denial creeps in, refusing to accept blame and pushing responsibility onto the other person with lines like “It’s in your head that what was lost is dead.”

The song doesn’t shy away from the darkness. A haunting sense of hopelessness permeates “Numb,” a belief that the future offers only more heartbreak. The breakdown in communication is a final gut punch—even the most mundane tasks are poisoned by the bitterness of the breakup, with lines like “I hate you. Record play as we divide our things” highlighting the complete disconnect.

“Numb” isn’t about easy answers. It’s a visceral portrayal of the emotional rollercoaster that follows a lost love. The raw energy and evocative imagery create a powerful experience for anyone who’s ever navigated the messy aftermath of a broken heart. It allows the listener to dwell in the anger, the pain, and the numbness, a necessary part of the healing process.

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