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“BITE ON A LEMON” by Aleandro Valente.

By allenpetersonreviews Dec25,2023

Hailing from the Italian city of Sicily, an emerging singer and songwriter showcases a breathtaking piece of artistry with his gifted mind and excellent comprehension of music. Aleandro Valente, at the age of 13, was already making a name for himself with his first write-up, “Never Give Up,” a school project that became the voice of the entire choir team of the school thanks to his intellectual and talented abilities. Which won the minds and hearts of many, including his choir teacher. He never gave up and never lost sight of his aspiration to become a pop star. He started working on his first album when the epidemic struck and released his first official single “Petty.”. As a young and emerging artist, everything about the song inspired him.

Aleandro never ceases to astound us with his remarkable talent. “Bite On a Lemon,” his debut album, is a magnificent collection of captivating songs that deserves to be heard. The musician goes above and beyond to provide his audience with an unforgettable experience. Starting with the album’s introduction and continuing all the way to the very last note, the stunning and excellent song arrangements will subtly raise you and euphorically brighten your day.

The songs on the album, including Divine, Not O.K., Like This, Dangerous Love, Lovin’, and Petty, were all masterfully written. These are amazing songs that capture my attention and leave you wanting more. The vocals in Divine’s opening piece really moved me. Aleandro’s angelic voice, together with the stunning beats, nicely defines the purpose of the song and sets it apart. The song is masterfully orchestrated in a way that is indescribable.

The album’s title track, “Bite on a Lemon”, is yet another excellent song. The last of it all’s engaging story narrative, which portrays feelings of love and affection and beautifully conveys a sense of musical arousal and seamless poetic brilliance, will leave you with a good taste of musicianship.

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