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“WORRY LESS” by Mitch Rocket

By allenpetersonreviews Dec8,2022

Mitch Rocket, a remarkably talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, originally hails from the vibrant city of San Francisco. His journey in music began as a solo project, but over time, it evolved into a captivating five-piece rock band that exudes creativity and passion. Joining forces with seasoned Bay Area musicians, Mitch Rocket’s band features Alan Onymous on drums, Jazzy Geoff McConohy on sax and keys, Iwami Ryu on bass, Oscar Garcia on guitar, and, of course, Mitch Rocket himself on vocals, guitar, and sax. Their musical brilliance knows no bounds as they enthrall Bay Area audiences with their genre-blending fusion of folk rock and jazz. Each band member brings their unique talent to the mix, creating a harmonious sound that resonates deeply with listeners.

The release of their debut album, “Petting Zoo,” was a testament to their boundary-pushing approach to music. With heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, the album showcases their artistic essence and leaves an indelible mark on all who experience it. What sets the Mitch Rocket band apart is not just their exceptional studio recordings but also their electrifying live performances. Each show becomes an immersive musical journey, transporting the audience into a world of passion and emotion. “Worry Less,” a soul-stirring ballad penned by Mitch Rocket, stands as a heartfelt call to authenticity.

It gently guides listeners to embrace vulnerability and let go of pretenses, encouraging them to share their true selves with the world without fear of judgment. The song urges us to break free from ego-driven pursuits and instead focus on forming genuine connections with others. Through the power of music, “Worry Less” becomes a refuge for the soul, calming turbulent emotions and offering healing. As the band weaves their magic, the song’s message becomes even more potent, resonating deeply with audiences. Beyond being an anthem of authenticity, “Worry Less” celebrates the universal language of music. It highlights the profound impact of genuine human connections, transcending the superficiality of fame and recognition.

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