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“WickerMan’s Invertebrates: A Kaleidoscope of Sound and Emotion”

By allenpetersonreviews Jan4,2024

WickerMan, a rising luminary in Reading’s vibrant music scene, once again showcases his musical virtuosity with the highly anticipated “Invertebrates” EP. Following the triumph of his debut, “Temporary People,” WickerMan continues to enthrall audiences with a genre-blending fusion that effortlessly interlaces Eminem’s rap, Bring Me the Horizon’s rock, and The Prodigy’s electronic vibes into a seamless masterpiece.

“Invertebrates” transcends the conventional boundaries of an EP; it’s a sonic odyssey through the kaleidoscopic mind of WickerMan, a testament to his mastery of musical shapeshifting. Described by the artist as a concoction of rap, hip-hop, metal, and funk, the EP is skillfully packaged with intense energy, commanding drumbeats, and a distinctive flow that defies genre constraints. The result is a dark yet upbeat ambiance, resonating with meaningful lyrics that delve into self-politics and the profound journey of coping with loss.

The EP bursts into life with the explosive overture of “Give It All I’ve Got,” living up to its name from the inaugural drumbeat. A symphony of rock-infused rap takes the forefront, each note akin to a brushstroke in a masterful painting. The rapid-fire flow feels like a poetic barrage, creating an atmosphere that is both intense and invigorating—an auditory adrenaline rush demanding undivided attention.

In the seamless transition to “This Is What It Feels Like,” WickerMan expertly blends feel-good instruments with a steady groove, creating a captivating diversion for listeners. The lyrics delve into an immersive experience, encapsulating the liberating sensation of unbridled liberty. Sweet female vocals, dreamy guitar licks, and synths weave together to craft a beautiful mood, transporting the listener to a new realm—all set against the evocative backdrop of a rain sample.

The EP takes a darker turn with “Bad to the Bone,” where haunting melodies resonate like a heartbeat in the shadows. Eerie vocals punctuate the track, leaving an indelible impression that is both unsettling and captivating. WickerMan’s ability to navigate these emotional nuances demonstrates the EP’s capacity for depth and diversity.

“Memories (feat. Luke Lucas)” introduces a nostalgic interlude, weaving gentle strings and keyboards into a tapestry of sound. It becomes a sonic time capsule, transporting listeners to sun-soaked recollections skillfully brought to life by WickerMan’s versatile musical approach.

The energy surges once more with “Ride Tonight,” a track exuding contagious dynamism through vibrant drums and a catchy synth line. WickerMan invites the audience to feel the pulse of the music, creating an immersive experience that practically radiates the euphoria of a thrilling night out.

Closing the EP with a mesmerizing finale, “Inside My Mind” unveils a complex tapestry of layered sounds. Each element blends together in a hypnotic dance, challenging the listener to dissect the intricacies within the rapid-fire rhymes. It’s a sonic opus that not only entertains but also invites active engagement, leaving a lasting impression long after the final note.

“Invertebrates” is a testament to WickerMan’s fearless exploration of diverse musical elements and lyrical themes. With this release, WickerMan beckons listeners to join him on an unpredictable journey, where each track is a chapter in a musical narrative that defies expectations and embraces the beauty of the unexpected.

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