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Unveiling Darkness: Bringer of Light’s “Anthology II” EP Review

By allenpetersonreviews Mar11,2024

Bringer of Light, the Texan purveyor of industrial deathcore, embarks on a sonic odyssey with his latest instrumental EP, “Anthology II.” Following the eerie foundations laid by its precursor, “Anthology I,” this deathcore-infused project invites listeners into a tumultuous musical labyrinth, weaving a tapestry of deranged fantasies.

In this four-part metal opus, Bringer of Light showcases his mastery, crafting a musical playground that sparks the audience’s creative souls. Diverging from the lyrical narrative of last year’s release, “Anthology II” challenges listeners to construct their own tales of darkness and foreboding.

From the inaugural ominous notes to thunderous crescendos, the EP submerges the audience in a sonic realm that explores the darkest recesses of the human psyche. Bringer of Light’s instrumental prowess transforms each track into an exploratory vessel where reality and nightmare seamlessly entwine.

Opting for an instrumental approach deepens the immersive experience, urging listeners to confront their deepest fears and desires. Meticulously crafted compositions reveal layers of haunting melodies and bone-rattling rhythms, transforming each song into a venture into the heart of a twisted fairy tale.

“The Ascension of the One” propels listeners through a relentless journey, a heavy banger showcasing not only technical prowess but also mind-blowing melodies and chugging. Simultaneously, “The Towers and the Acolytes” unleashes a dynamic assault with ever-changing guitar textures and aggressive tones, injecting freshness into the EP.

“Sterlin Malory Archer Master” stands out with its killer guitar riff, reminiscent of Korn’s signature sound. Atmospheric pads envelop the track, creating a sinister halo that amplifies its unnerving yet strangely magnetic aura. Meanwhile, “Get Over Here, Master” thrusts the audience headfirst into Norwegian black metal territory, channeling the raw power of Burzum with its intense passages.

“Anthology II” serves a full dish of audio terror, a collection of instrumental narratives that etch themselves into the listener’s memory. Bringer of Light invites you to embrace the frenetic energy of this EP, where each track unfolds as a chapter in your personal horror story. Let the metal games begin, and immerse yourself in the dark, captivating world of the Bringer of Light.”

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