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Dive into “Pisces Pie”: A Genre-Bending Exploration with Detroit’s Odelet

By allenpetersonreviews Apr24,2024

Odelet, a multi-faceted artist born in Detroit but currently residing on the West Coast, transcends boundaries with her latest album, “Pisces Pie,” released under the production company Everlasting Tape. This self-produced collection of eleven songs is a testament to her versatility. Having established her love for soul and R&B with “The Angels Album,” Odelet dives headfirst into classic hip-hop production and the world of siren singers on “Pisces Pie.” Her unique writing style dissolves genre lines, drawing inspiration from every corner of music. Beyond her gifted vocals and songwriting, Odelet is a production powerhouse, crafting intricate soundscapes and writing and performing nearly all her own instrumentation. Her artistic expression extends beyond music, with her experimental music visuals having garnered international acclaim at film festivals.

“Pisces Pie” sets the tone for the album’s introspective nature. This captivating exploration of self-acceptance uses the metaphorical “Pisces pie” to represent a world of swirling emotions. Odelet sheds past tendencies of chasing external validation, embracing inner peace, and trusting her intuition. The song is a powerful declaration of self-discovery, punctuated by moments of self-reflection that culminate in a confident assertion of self-knowing.

The album isn’t afraid to explore the complexities of love. “Supreme” throws away the rulebook, celebrating individuality and self-assured commitment. Odelet redefines the concept of a queen in a love story, portraying an empowered partner who embraces their beloved’s true self. Vivid imagery paints a picture of a love that’s grounded and authentic, defying expectations with its unconventionality.

A shift in mood arrives with “Ten Tons,” a hauntingly beautiful exploration of emotional burdens. The song opens with the crushing weight of betrayal, the immense pressure palpable despite the absence of outward anger. The lyrics paint a picture of despair and disillusionment, with a flicker of hope emerging through the “lightning people”—a yearning for liberation. The song’s complexity is further highlighted by the introduction of “Fire People,” symbolizing anger or a desire for justice. Ultimately, “Ten Tons” concludes with a bittersweet acceptance.

“Paired” offers a beautiful shift, weaving a tapestry of self-discovery and the strength found in connection. The song opens with the singer acknowledging a transformative experience, leading to a liberating indifference to external opinions. The lyrics evoke a sense of sanctuary and lasting peace within the partnership. The core of the song lies in the line, “This is free; this is fair; you and me; we are a pair,” highlighting the sense of balance and freedom discovered in this deep connection. “Paired” celebrates the transformative power of love, a journey that leads to a place of strength, passion, and unwavering belief in the enduring power of connection.

The album closes with “Carousel,” a hauntingly beautiful exploration of love’s cyclical nature. The song opens with a yearning to revisit a place of intense connection, a plea to be taken back to a time of passionate intimacy. The lyrics capture the constant motion of a relationship, like the ups and downs of a carousel. A bittersweet beauty is woven into the song, acknowledging the fleeting moments of joy within a predominantly melancholic landscape. “Carousel” concludes with a sense of vulnerability and dependence, leaving the listener with a sense of acceptance of love’s ever-turning journey.

“Pisces Pie” is a captivating journey through Odelet’s creative soundscape. It’s a genre-bending masterpiece that showcases her exceptional talent as a singer, songwriter, and producer. From the self-acceptance anthems to the explorations of love’s complexities, the album offers a depth of emotion that will resonate with listeners long after the final notes fade.

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