Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Paramore Allegedly Preparing for a Fresh Era and Securing a New Record Contract

By allenpetersonreviews Jan6,2024

Paramore appears to be embarking on a fresh chapter, potentially with a new record deal. Recent actions on their social media platforms, such as removing all content and displaying a 404 error on their official website, had fans speculating about the band’s future. Following the conclusion of their ‘This Is Why’ tour and commitments with Atlantic Records, the group hinted at “uncertainty” regarding their trajectory.

Contrary to breakup concerns, a report from Variety suggests that Paramore isn’t disbanding but is rebranding online after concluding their association with Atlantic Records. The ‘This Is Why’ album was their final project under this label. The band’s future plans regarding signing a new contract or pursuing an independent path remain undisclosed.

Adding to the intrigue, Paramore withdrew from their headline performance at the ALTer Ego Festival in Los Angeles, scheduled for January 13. Fall Out Boy stepped in as replacements, with the cancellation attributed to “unforeseen circumstances.”

Despite these developments, Paramore’s calendar for 2024 is packed. They are slated to support Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ in Europe come May. NME lauded ‘This Is Why,’ giving it a five-star review, noting the band’s evolution and the album’s triumphant tone.

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