Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Omarion – Serious (Official Music Video)

By allenpetersonreviews Jan9,2024

Omarion unveiled the official music video for his breakout track, “Serious.”

In this cinematic piece, Omarion portrays a well-behaved inmate determined to earn his freedom and be rejoined with his loved one. True to his style, the video showcases Omarion’s signature dance moves, kicking off with an energetic dance-off in the prison’s chow hall and continuing with impressive choreography in various settings.

However, the video’s tone shifts significantly towards the conclusion, offering a poignant tribute to Anthony “Boaner” Martinez and other unjustly incarcerated men of color. Featured on Omarion’s 2023 album, Full Circle: Sonic Book 1, “Serious” stands out as its second single, crafted with production prowess by Greg Curtis, MilToneK, and Kenneth Paryo.

The song’s virality surged recently, propelling it to the pinnacle of iTunes’ R&B/Soul Singles chart and securing multiple spots within Amazon’s R&B Best Sellers top 10. Additionally, on Spotify alone, “Serious” has garnered close to four million streams, marking a significant milestone in Omarion’s musical journey. Dropping in May, Full Circle: Sonic Book 1 is an 11-track independent venture by Omarion, highlighted by collaborations with artists like Sevyn Streeter, RILEY, BJRNCK, Rileyy Lanez, and Nah Nah.

Reflecting on his album’s essence, Omarion shared, “Few artists have the ability to instill positivity through their craft. My aim with this project is to inspire and evoke feelings of empowerment. It encapsulates my journey of embracing vulnerability and recognizing its strength, signifying a full-circle moment in my musical evolution.”

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