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“NEVER BE LIKE YOU” by Kayla Lee

By allenpetersonreviews Dec25,2023

Kayla Lee is a singer and composer from the city of San Francisco, California, making a name for herself with her adorable vocals and deep lyrics. She’s made fairly special impact in the music industry since her entry. She tries to be herself in her own way. With the bit of experience she’s gained, singing songs have paid off with amazing tracks that have been on trend for the past few years. Lost, Take It All Back, Silly Me, etc. are all notable songs coined by Kayla, produced by an outstanding beat maker Esthy.

The recently written song by Kayla is a faultless piece that will draw you to sound emotions. “Never Be Like You”, from a generic point has a soft touch of relaxing tone which run through the 00:02:30 long song. It becomes obvious as the song goes on that Kayla has great skills and knows the words to fit each verse to sync the emotions on the song. The singer’s beautiful voice blends seamlessly with the instruments, creating a magical feeling.

Upon seeing Kayla’s song for the first time, I expected more from her due to the song’s title and choice of genre, and she delivered, I was satisfied with what I heard, and I was glad it was worth my time.

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