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“LIGHTOUT” by Hangtime

By allenpetersonreviews Dec 27, 2023

Hangtime, a dynamic duo hailing from Socorro, New Mexico, and Seattle, Washington, fearlessly pushes the limits of the electronic music genre, constantly seeking inventive auditory and artistic qualities. Their music seamlessly navigates through diverse styles, culminating in a unique and unmistakable sound that defies conventional categorization. With an unwavering commitment to electronic music production, their latest studio release, “Lights Out,” stands as a true testament to their artistic prowess, showcasing a mesmerizing fusion of ambient, techno, and experimental landscapes. Reflecting their personal growth and life experiences, Hangtime’s compositions resonate deeply with a global audience, leaving an indelible mark on listeners’ hearts and minds. As they continuously elevate the standards of musical excellence, Hangtime emerges as an influential source of inspiration for their peers, leaving an unforgettable legacy within the Ep musical genre.

“Lights Out”, the original EP by Hangtime, is a thrilling musical trip that explores the alluring world of experimental electronic music. Hangtime produces outstanding works of art that envelop listeners in rich textures, throbbing beats, and intriguing industrial soundscapes through the combination of contemporary electronic influences with a dynamic edge.

The opening track, “Pwnage,” establishes the scene with an exciting start. With its strong and energizing attitude, sophisticated beats, and creative sound design, it captures attention. The title of the song implies a feeling of power and dominance, and Hangtime unquestionably demonstrates their talent for creating intricate and engrossing sonic environments.

As the EP progresses, listeners are led into the hypnotic allure of “Lights Out.” Here, Hangtime crafts a mesmerizing ambiance, drawing you further into their musical realm. Hangtime skillfully accomplishes the track’s title suggestion of a descent into darkness with ominous synths and eerie melodies, showcasing an unearthly experience.

“I Made It,” the EP’s last song, adds a tantalizing charm. Hangtime will take you on a journey into uncharted auditory and imaginative regions with its ethereal melodies and distinctive audio experiments. The confident approach that Hangtime has toward their music is reflected in the title, which alludes to a sense of completion and creative fulfillment.

“Lights Out” is a must-listen for anyone seeking a unique and immersive experience in the world of avant-garde electronic music. The trio of tracks, “Pwnage,” “Lights Out,” and “I Made It,” showcase Hangtime’s ability to craft remarkable auditory landscapes brimming with vitality and imagination.

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