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“GROS MICHEL” by Speak Easy Circus

By allenpetersonreviews Oct16,2023

From the vibrant heart of Glasgow’s East End emerges Speak Easy Circus, a musical carnival that defies conventions and beckons you to join their daring journey. This quartet, comprised of the exceptional talents of Jack Avison, Jon Wallace, Frazer Laurie, and Chatonda Ridley, crafts a sonic experience that is unlike anything you’ve encountered before. With their experimental blend of indie and funk, they create an exhilarating soundscape filled with chaotic crescendos and eclectic overtures, inviting you to celebrate the unconventional and embrace the unfamiliar.

Their debut EP, “Bravo Tango Charlie,” was a revelation that left audiences both captivated and intrigued. Critics drew comparisons to a diverse range of artists, from the legendary Earth, Wind, and Fire to the rebellious spirit of The Libertines. Their live performances, including sold-out shows at iconic venues like King Tut’s and the O2 Academy, are a testament to their remarkable energy and showmanship.

Then came “Neon in Daylight,” a sonic gem that further solidified Speak Easy Circus’s reputation as a musical powerhouse. With their fearless fusion of influences, the band effortlessly traverses musical boundaries, effortlessly moving from “indie” to “jazz” to “funk” and beyond. Speak Easy Circus thrives on the diversity of descriptions their music evokes, refusing to be confined to a single category.

Now, let’s delve into the heart of their latest song: “Gros Michel. On the surface, it may appear as a playful homage to bananas, but beneath its rhythmic surface lies a profound exploration of the exploitation entrenched within the banana industry and our own complicity in it.

As songwriter Jack Avison delved into documentaries and videos about this seemingly ordinary fruit, he uncovered unsettling truths about corporations like La Chiquita, whose practices are far from ethical. “I was astonished that such a beloved fruit could be associated with companies of dubious ethics,” reflects Jack. Driven by this revelation, he set out to craft a song that would mirror the paradoxical nature of it all.

“Gros Michel” goes beyond music; it serves as a mirror reflecting the disquieting emotions evoked by the exploration of this unique topic. As the track unfolds, its storytelling challenges preconceptions, encouraging us to confront the unsettling realities hidden within the banana industry. In this sense, “Gros Michel” becomes more than a melody; it becomes a catalyst for awareness and action, sparking a desire for social and environmental justice.

With “Gros Michel,” Speak Easy Circus doesn’t merely shed light on questionable industry practices and environmental concerns; they inspire listeners to make informed choices and contribute to a more sustainable future. “Gros Michel” is a rhythmic call to action and a testament to the power of music to provoke change and promote awareness.

“Gros Michel” masterfully intertwines a compelling narrative with a superb blend of guitar-driven hooks and funky drum-trumpet elements. The track opens on a high note that only intensifies as the song progresses, accompanied by great vocals that serve both as a storytelling device and an irresistibly engaging listening experience, eliciting head-banging in its wake.

Speak Easy Circus’s “Gros Michel” is a captivating voyage into a world where music becomes a catalyst for change and awareness. It’s a reminder that even within the rhythms of our everyday lives, there are stories waiting to be told, injustices waiting to be exposed, and calls to action waiting to be heard. So, listen, dance, and let “Gros Michel” not only entertain your senses but also ignite the fire of social and environmental consciousness within your soul. It’s a testament to the boundless potential of music, a force that can inspire and unite us in the pursuit of a better world.

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