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“GET TO IT” by Kejuan Servin ft Gtb Mike

By allenpetersonreviews Aug3,2023

Hailing from North Carolina, Kejuan Servin is rapidly establishing his presence in the music scene with his latest release, “Get to It,” featuring Gtb Mike. Building on his earlier debut, “Who is Servin?” Kejuan consistently unveils tracks that showcase his innovative and experimental take on rap.

“Get to It” stands as a testament to Servin’s distinctive musical approach, breaking free from conventional rap boundaries. With intricate lyrical finesse, Servin crafts a vivid portrayal of raw realities. Collaborating with Gtb Mike adds depth, creating an engaging lyrical exchange that captivates throughout. The production by Durmaz enhances Servin’s lyrical prowess, driven by an infectious beat.

The track highlights Servin’s penchant for pushing creative limits, showcasing his unwavering artistic vision. “Get to It” solidifies his position as an artist unafraid to explore uncharted territories, setting a unique path in hip-hop.

In every line of “Get to It,” Servin’s authenticity and commitment to his craft shine brightly. With an innovative spirit and a distinctive voice, Servin forges a promising trajectory in hip-hop. “Get to It” beckons listeners to embark on a journey that navigates life’s intricacies, challenges conventions, and celebrates self-expression. Rooted in introspection and creativity, Servin’s music resonates deeply, leaving an indelible imprint on the genre and its enthusiasts. As he continues to evolve, one certainty remains: Kejuan Servin is a rising luminary in hip-hop, poised to leave an enduring mark.

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