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Echoes of England: Snippet’s “English Fables Vol. 1” – A Tapestry of Life, Love, and Resilience

Johnno Casson, known by his stage name Snippet, draws on a vibrant musical history in his latest endeavor, “English Fables Vol. 1.” From his days recording and touring with bands like Deep Joy during London’s early ’90s acid house and club scene, collaborating with luminaries such as Andrew Weatherall and David Harrow, to his work with labels like James Lavelle’s Mo ‘Wax and Adrian Sherwood’s On-U-Sound, Johnno has firmly established himself with hits resonating from New York to Tokyo and London. This rich background provides a fertile backdrop for an album that is as genuine as it is diverse.

Crafted DIY-style at home with a weathered tube microphone and a nylon-string guitar, “English Fables Vol. 1” bursts with personality and vitality. Each track serves as a snapshot of Johnno’s England, woven with tales of people and experiences set against a backdrop of musical grit, lively rhythms, bouncing guitar refrains, and lush strings.

“English Fables Vol. 1” distinguishes itself through its authentic voice and deep storytelling. The album brims with vibrant characters and life experiences, from quirky tunes like “Michael, I Knocked You Off The Ladder” and “Billy With The Wonky Toe” to original gems such as “Funny Habits,” “Tip of My Tongue,” “Resting Face,” and “Stop and Enjoy It.” The velvety tones of Marina Florance grace the album, adding an additional layer of warmth.

Beneath Johnno’s seemingly carefree persona lies meticulous craftsmanship. His multi-instrumental prowess and astute lyrical interplay captivate, deftly navigating weighty subjects with wit and empathy. “English Fables Vol. 1” boldly tackles issues ranging from chronic health conditions in “The Little Things” to reflections on toxic masculinity in “Patriarchy vs. A Mother’s Love” and societal challenges like male violence in “Punch,” pollution in “Pipe Dreams,” and mental health struggles in “Sometimes Life Is Really Shit.”

Highlighted among the album’s treasures are “Come On Down” and “The Little Things.” “Come On Down” serves as a poignant reflection on life’s journey, championing authenticity, community, and reconnecting with one’s roots. The song paints a vivid picture of a determined child striving to meet expectations while preserving personal freedom and choice. Its recurring invitation to “come on down” symbolizes a call to return to one’s origins, a place steeped in formative memories and experiences that have shaped one’s identity. The chorus, “Sing it like you mean it, sing it like you can,” encourages listeners to embrace their true selves and express their passions with unbridled enthusiasm. The song celebrates community through scenes of dancing, laughter, and collective uplift, grounding its narrative in real locations imbued with sentimental value.

“The Little Things,” an introspective acoustic indie folk ballad, explores life’s trials while underscoring the significance of small moments of joy and love. Vulnerability and resilience permeate its lyrics as the singer grapples with personal struggles, seeking solace in life’s simple pleasures. The song acknowledges the desire to give one’s all despite feeling “battered and bruised,” finding strength in resilience and perseverance. At its heart lies the recognition that “it’s the little things in life that get me through the big things,” emphasizing the transformative power of small acts of kindness, love, and laughter during times of adversity. The song also addresses the singer’s experience with chronic fatigue syndrome, shedding light on daily challenges and the misconceptions surrounding invisible illnesses. Rejecting pity and superficial judgments, it highlights the frustration and isolation often experienced by those living with such conditions. Yet amidst these struggles, the song finds solace in “short, pleasing bursts of loveliness” and moments of peace and hope, reinforcing their crucial role in sustaining mental and emotional well-being.

“English Fables Vol. 1” is an album brimming with empathy, compassion, and warmth. Johnno Casson, aka Snippet, has crafted a poignant piece of English outsider art that resonates deeply with listeners. His ability to blend humor with profound themes, coupled with his captivating instrumentation and astute lyrical storytelling, positions this album as a standout in the DIY music landscape. “English Fables Vol. 1” not only offers a collection of musical gems and memorable moments but also encapsulates the essence of the England Johnno knows and cherishes.

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