Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Don Toliver ft. Justin Bieber and Future – Private Landing

By allenpetersonreviews Jan3,2024

Thematically, the trio of artists on “Private Landing” are not exactly on the same page: Don Toliver indulges in drugs while admitting that he’s “too demanding” of women; Future runs through designer brands and shrugs off romance; and Justin Bieber is focused on a bleary-eyed flirtation that’s removed from his co-stars’ braggadocio. It doesn’t matter: “Private Landing” thumps and sizzles, a pop-trap luxury item in which Toliver places a pair of famous friends over a metallic, undeniably cool beat and plays the part of connective tissue. By the third listen, you’ll forget all about why the song shouldn’t work. JASON LIPSHUTZ

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