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“CRAZY” by Carson Ferris

By allenpetersonreviews Dec27,2023

Carson Ferris, the sensational pop artist and songwriter from Provo, Utah, defies musical boundaries with his enchanting melodies reminiscent of a young Michael Jackson and the iconic OneRepublic. With a chart-topping collaboration, “Can’t Be Without You,” featuring Trinidad Cardona in 2021 and a triumphant win in a social media contest leading to a spotlight performance at Donny Osmond’s Las Vegas show, Carson’s talent knows no bounds. In 2022, he continued to mesmerize audiences, showcasing his artistry at Provo’s prestigious music festivals while also contributing his exceptional vocals to One Voice Children’s Choir and Voices Elevated, gracing packed stadiums and touring Tokyo. Carson’s unwavering dedication to his craft and passion for music shine through as he fearlessly explores new horizons in his writing and recording endeavors. A true musical visionary, Carson Ferris’ distinctive sound leaves an indelible mark on the pop music landscape, promising an inspiring and exciting future for this rising star.

In Carson Ferris’ captivating pop anthem, “Crazy,” the heart of the narrative lies in fearlessly celebrating a love that defies all odds and societal expectations. With an infectious pop melody and uplifting instrumentals, Carson confidently addresses the doubters who label them as “crazy,” brushing off the judgments with an unwavering determination. As the music swells, Carson passionately sings, “They call me crazy, girl, but you know I’ll be here no matter what,” emphasizing the unyielding commitment to their love, regardless of what others may say. The pop beats intensify as Carson’s conviction in the power of their love becomes more evident, proclaiming, “It’s so amazing, what could be wrong?” This sentiment underscores the belief that love knows no boundaries and that their bond is strong enough to weather any storm. The chorus bursts forth with an empowering mantra, as Carson firmly declares, “They call us crazy, but they’re wrong; it’s so amazing, what could be wrong?” This repeated affirmation reinforces the idea that their love is extraordinary, and they refuse to let others’ opinions dictate their happiness.

As the pop anthem continues to soar, Carson shares a profound perspective on their relationship, acknowledging that it might be unconventional, but it is also uniquely beautiful. Through lines like “You are mine and nothing less,” Carson conveys a sense of ownership and dedication to his partner, expressing that he cherishes and values this deep connection above all else.

The music builds to a climactic bridge, adding depth to the narrative, as Carson describes his partner as his “other half” and an essential part of his existence, making it evident that this love is not merely a fleeting infatuation but a profound bond that completes him and gives his life meaning.

In the final chorus, the pop music instrumentals reach their peak, inviting listeners to embrace love fearlessly and revel in the beauty of a love that is truly their own. Carson Ferris’ “Crazy” is not just a pop anthem; it’s a powerful declaration of love’s strength and the courage to embrace it fully, even in the face of adversity. So let the music envelop you, dance to the beats of this empowering anthem, and celebrate the joy of love that knows no bounds. Let it remind us of all to treasure and cherish the connections that make life truly extraordinary.

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