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“BROKEN WINGS” by Micheal Fordays

By allenpetersonreviews Oct15,2023

Michael Fordays‘ musical odyssey is a remarkable testament to unwavering passion and commitment. Beginning with a fascination for the electric guitar during his school days, he embarked on a path that led to the formation of “Mind Over Four,” yielding six indie records and a global tour—an inspiring journey of dedication and artistry. His role as a guitarist for KMFDM and co-founder of “Overbeaker” broadened his musical horizons, further solidifying his place in the music industry.

A pivotal moment arrived when Michael pursued music education at a conservatory in Los Angeles. This endeavor polished his songwriting skills, honing his ability to convey complex emotions through his compositions. His artistic journey earned him the moniker “Fordays,” reflecting his boundless energy and dedication.

With the release of his debut EP, “Balls and Faith,” Michael embraced his birth name alongside his nickname to become “Michael Fordays.” This merging of identities symbolized his personal growth and the fusion of his musical finesse and commitment.

“Within the tapestry of Micheal’s creations, “Broken Wings” emerges as a true masterpiece of poetic expression. The opening lines gracefully resonate, “Nothing above me; I’ve touched the truth, and I’m free,” encapsulating a profound sense of enlightenment and liberation—an intimate connection with a higher truth that resonates deeply.

Delving into the essence of human experience, the lyrics pose a poignant question: “How can I judge another when I am a sinner like all of the people?” This contemplation on shared imperfections becomes a mirror reflecting our common humanity, inviting us to introspect and empathize.

Metaphorical imagery weaves an additional layer of depth, with Fordays describing touching the sun and embracing the burn of knowledge—a metaphor that mirrors life’s challenges on the path to enlightenment. The chorus, with its recurring refrain, becomes a melodic reminder of the enduring pursuit of love and personal growth, even amidst life’s trials.

As the composition unfolds, the refrain “If I ever come back” emerges as a gentle beacon—a symbol of resilience, optimism, and transformation—a reassuring notion that our personal evolution is an ongoing, cyclic process.

Beyond its musical composition, “Broken Wings” becomes a vessel for the spectrum of human emotions. Its verses navigate self-discovery, love, and the threads that connect us all.

Engaging with this piece feels like an invitation to introspective exploration, invoking contemplation on themes like love, judgment, and personal growth. It’s a journey that harmonizes with life’s challenges, much like the metaphor of broken wings lifting us upward.

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