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“Original Single Review: Windbreaks & Waves by Josh Jensen

By allenpetersonreviews Dec5,2023

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, where lush evergreen forests meet the rugged embrace of the coastline, you’ll find Josh Jensen, a singer-songwriter whose musical soul is as untamed and expansive as the landscapes he calls home. With each strum of his guitar and every note he plays, Josh invites you on a melodic journey through the mesmerizing tapestry of this region, perfectly encapsulated in his latest creation, “Windbreaks & Waves.” For a quarter of a century, Josh has been a devoted acolyte of the guitar, crafting his artistry to perfection.

His fingertips, weathered by years of practice, caress the strings with the precision and passion of a true virtuoso. But what truly sets him apart is the eclectic blend of influences that have shaped his unique style. In his musical arsenal, you’ll find echoes of legends like Leo Kottke, D’Gary, and Joe Pass. Yet, as time weaves its own musical tapestry, Josh’s palette expands to include more contemporary influences, such as Cory Wong, Billy Strings, and Tony Rice.

This amalgamation of musical inspirations forms the foundation of “Windbreaks & Waves.” The creation of this instrumental masterpiece wasn’t without its challenges. Josh embarked on multiple recording journeys, each time aiming to capture the essence of this musical gem. But it was in one serendipitous moment that everything fell into place, and the stars aligned to birth the version he was seeking.

“Windbreaks & Waves” is an ode to the shoreline of Seattle, a love letter to the Pacific waves crashing against the rugged coast. As the notes cascade like the ocean’s gentle caress, Josh’s technical fingerstyle and flowing melody transport you to a state of blissful relaxation. It’s the soundtrack to a sunrise ritual, a warm cup of coffee in hand, as you prepare to embark on a day of adventure. This composition bears the mark of modern fingerstyle, a genre that has evolved and transformed through the years under the influence of various artists and genres.

Josh brings his technical edge to the forefront, navigating the frets with precision and grace. But what truly sets “Windbreaks & Waves” apart is the emotion that courses through every note. It’s a song that feeds the heart with love and ambition, leaving you with a sense of wonder and reverence for the world that inspired it. “Windbreaks & Waves” is a sonic voyage through the very soul of the Pacific Northwest.

With every strum, Josh paints a vivid picture of this captivating landscape, inviting you to get lost in its beauty and serenity. It’s an instrumental masterpiece that speaks volumes without uttering a single word—a melody that resonates not just in your ears but in your very soul.

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