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“VISIONS” by Nickon Faith

By allenpetersonreviews Dec27,2023

Nikon Faith is a Manchester native with a significant musical background. On his “Visions” EP, which pulsates with boundless energy and envelops listeners in a mesmerizing dance journey filled with infectious melodies and alluring sounds, Nikon Faith exhibits exceptional skill in creating exhilarating electronic compositions.

“Visions,” the album’s opening track, sets the mood with energetic tempos, pulsating basslines, and melodies that tempt listeners to immediately hit the dance floor. As the thrilling journey progresses, “In Bloom” follows suit, fusing lovely electronic tones with layered rhythms to produce an energetic and enjoyable listening experience.

With its infectious vocal samples and thudding rhythms, the high-octane hit “Don’t Make Me Wait” compels attention and perfectly captures the fury of a dance floor. The same song is also given fresh life by the Jon Selbo remix, which gives it richer dimensions and a distinctive rhythmic flair.

Throughout “Visions,” Nikon Faith’s musicianship shows brilliantly and demonstrates a deep awareness of what gets a dance floor moving. The EP’s production is of the highest order, showcasing exacting craftsmanship, seamless blending, and a refined sound that is absolutely flawless.

The four tracks work well together to create a seamless, engrossing listening experience. A constant feeling of excitement and energy is maintained throughout Nikon Faith’s songs because of the expert blending of enticing melodies with pounding drums and sonic embellishments.

“Visions” serves as a testament to Nikon Faith’s prowess as a producer and DJ, unveiling a unique musical vision and a profound dedication to creating electrifying dance music. This EP is an absolute must-listen for electronic music enthusiasts in search of an exhilarating and captivating sonic journey that will ignite dance floors across the globe.

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