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Thy Veils Shatter Genre with “Next Forever”: A Sonic Voyage to a Utopian Future

By allenpetersonreviews May17,2024

Romanian collective Thy Veils, led by the visionary Daniel Dorobantu, transcends categorization with their latest masterpiece, “Next Forever.” Forget genre labels; this isn’t background music; it’s a meticulously crafted invitation to a future bathed in ethereal beauty. Imagine a portal beckoning you towards a world where shimmering electronica dances with pulsating rhythms, whispers of world music drift in on the currents of sound, and even dark pop adds a surprising counterpoint. Prepare to embark on a sonic odyssey that paints a vivid portrait of a utopian future where humanity dissolves boundaries and embraces a harmonious oneness with the universe.

“Next Forever” unfolds like a ten-track artistic odyssey. Each captivating song acts as a brushstroke, painting a picture of this utopian ideal. The music itself becomes the journey, transporting listeners through cinematic soundscapes and intricate sonic stories.

“High Age” sets the stage, its opening notes raising goosebumps and promising a diverse sonic exploration. The song delves into self-discovery and enlightenment, urging us to look inward and beyond the everyday world to find a deeper truth. The imagery of clouds and a vast sea symbolizes peace and a limitless potential for understanding.

“Sunvault” offers a contrasting experience, bursting with a bright, almost psychedelic energy. The song explores themes of loss of direction and purpose. The absence of the sun, a symbol of guidance, creates a sense of disorientation. However, a sliver of hope emerges. By acknowledging the past and integrating its lessons, the speaker suggests a way forward, even in this uncertain world. “Sunvault” is a message of resilience, urging us to seek meaning even when the path ahead seems unclear.

The mood shifts with “Influx,” focusing on the strength we find within ourselves to navigate the intensity of our emotions. It compares the heart to a powerful moon, highlighting the unique and undeniable nature of our feelings. The song goes beyond simply acknowledging these emotions by presenting “an ocean of stars inside” – an inner wellspring of resilience that allows us to ride the waves of emotions with grace. “Influx” emphasizes that while emotions come and go in a cycle, we have the power to navigate them and emerge stronger.

“Upstream” is a powerful anthem about perseverance in pursuit of your dreams. It acknowledges the challenges, symbolized by going “upstream,” but emphasizes the power of inner fire, unity, and guidance. The song highlights the importance of facing obstacles head-on, drawing strength from a shared purpose, and seeking wisdom to navigate the journey. Ultimately, “Upstream” assures us that, through unwavering determination, we can reach our “place of dreams.”

The title track takes a darker turn, weaving haunting vocals with glitchy electronica. “Next Forever” delves into the concept of universal connection. It suggests that the night fosters a special kind of communication, allowing us to connect with a broader consciousness. By opening our hearts, we can achieve a state of oneness with this universal force. The song’s message is ultimately one of cosmic awareness: through the night, we can perceive the interconnectedness of all things.

“Fluttering Light” and “Heart in Wonder” offer contrasting yet complementary perspectives on love. “Fluttering Light” captures the quiet intimacy of a budding relationship, describing a peaceful setting where the speaker experiences personal growth alongside a deepening connection. “Heart in Wonder” takes love to a transcendent level, urging us on a journey beyond the physical world, guided by an inner calling. This journey leads to a state of spiritual elevation and a shattering of limitations. The song celebrates the transformative power of love, suggesting that true love offers a glimpse of a timeless paradise.

“Morph” delves into the challenges and possibilities of connection amidst feelings of isolation. The ever-changing world creates a sense of impermanence, while the speaker sheds defenses and observes the world around them. Despite physical closeness, a sense of loneliness persists. However, the song doesn’t dwell on isolation. It introduces “twilight time,” a symbolic space for transition, and “sacred ties” that suggest a deeper understanding. Ultimately, “Morph” is a message of hope. It acknowledges the difficulties of vulnerability and change, but through shared experience and a willingness to open up, we can find a stronger connection and rise together, transformed by the experience.

“Next Forever” concludes with the jazzy “Mountain Fire,” leaving you wanting more and utterly captivated by the experience. But this isn’t just an album; it’s a philosophical exploration of time, consciousness, and the limitless potential for human connection. It’s an invitation to shed the limitations of the present and embrace the possibilities of the future. So, close your eyes, let the music wash over you, and prepare to be transported to a world unlike any you’ve ever known. Thy Veils have crafted a masterpiece that defies categorization, a testament to the power of music to transport us and challenge our perceptions. With “Next Forever,” Thy Veils extend a hand, inviting us to shed the baggage of the present and step into a future brimming with possibility. It’s a world where shimmering soundscapes cradle introspective journeys, pulsating rhythms ignite our spirits, and the whispers of a universal language guide us towards a deeper connection with ourselves and all that surrounds us. “Next Forever” isn’t just an album; it’s an experience. It’s a portal waiting to be opened, a sonic invitation to a utopia that resides not just on some distant horizon but within the very essence of the music itself.

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