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“Soulful Reflections and Raw Honesty: Mike Bass Unveils ‘Spirit Away'”

By allenpetersonreviews Feb27,2024

Mike Bass, a musical maverick hailing from Lansing, Michigan, has been skillfully weaving tales of introspection and emotion through his Americana and folk-infused compositions. As a singer-songwriter and adept acoustic guitarist, he effortlessly blends English and Japanese, transcending linguistic boundaries. His musical prowess extends beyond solo endeavors, as he plays a pivotal role in the band Creature of One, collaborating with other talented minds.

Taking center stage in Mike’s latest creation, the compelling 3-song EP titled “Branches,” is “Spirit Away.” Unlike its predecessor, “Confronting Us,” which explores the tumultuous moments leading to the demise of a relationship, “Spirit Away” emerges as a poignant anthem of self-reflection post-heartbreak. It serves as a mirror to Mike’s vulnerability, examining the wrinkles around his eyes and a few silver strands, questioning the pursuit of dreams against the relentless march of time.

In this raw and soul-baring conversation with oneself, Mike croons, “Who is this? Looking back at me?” capturing the universal struggle of identity in the aftermath of love’s ebb. Metaphoric crow’s feet and gray hairs become symbolic signposts on the journey of self-discovery as the artist confronts the unavoidable truth that talk may be cheap, but the internal dialogue is priceless.

Vividly painted through poetic verses, the imagery of chasing dreams becomes a central theme. The protagonist, caught at the crossroads of ambition and reality, grapples with the elusive nature of success. The evocative lines “It’s like I’m waiting on everything I’m chasing to come and spirit me away from here” resonate with anyone standing at the intersection of aspiration and uncertainty, seeking a guiding force to whisk them away.

Bass masterfully weaves a narrative that is both personal and universally relatable. The song explores the universal theme of questioning one’s path, the allure of alternate lives, and the perpetual quest for meaning, all echoed through each note. The melody, enriched with unique fingerpicking, snapping, and percussive elements, adds layers to the emotional depth of the lyrics.

The chorus, where Bass soulfully declares, “If I keep bleeding, there’s got to be a reason, so I’ll keep singing until it’s clear,” encapsulates the resilient spirit embedded in the song. It’s a declaration of unwavering commitment to artistic expression, even when faced with the uncertainties that life often presents.

“Spirit Away” is a musical introspection inviting listeners into the artist’s world, where Bass’s ability to merge raw honesty with musical prowess creates an authentic and immersive experience. The track, with its melodic charm and poignant lyricism, serves as a testament to the enduring power of self-discovery through music.

In the vast realm of Mike Bass’s musical universe, “Spirit Away” stands tall as a poignant chapter—a sonic journey that mirrors the complexities of the human experience. As listeners immerse themselves in the soul-stirring melodies and profound lyrics, they embark on a shared exploration of introspection and resilience, finding solace in the acknowledgment that they are not alone in their struggles.

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