Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


Unveiling the latest opus by the talented Alia, titled “Soho Sessions: Side A.” Within the seemingly unassuming acoustic veneer lies a tapestry of mesmerizing artistry, crafted through ethereal vocals and poignant lyrics. Alia fearlessly showcases her vibrant persona, anchored in resolute nonconformity and a celebration of her queer identity. With “Soho Sessions,” she imparts a message of solace and empowerment, weaving a compelling compilation that ignites inspiration and elevates the spirit. Embark on a captivating musical odyssey as each song marks a pivotal moment in Alia’s quest for authenticity, personal growth, and artistic evolution. This EP stands as a testament to resilience and beckons you to embrace your own voyage of self-discovery. Enraptured by Alia’s captivating voice and mystical soundscapes, prepare to be transported into a realm of profound enchantment.

“Soho Sessions: Side A,” the captivating EP that encapsulates Alia’s unwavering dedication to love, inclusivity, and personal growth with heartfelt lyricism and the tender embrace of acoustic melodies, Alia crafts a musical journey that resonates with the essence of her Egyptian heritage. Each track on the EP unveils a profound story—from the raw and untouched production of “Cellar Door (Acoustic)” to the soulful folk-rock fusion of “The Heart of The Wolf.” Finally, “To Be the Man in Your Plan” delivers a powerful message of love, bridging acoustic guitar with poignant folk-rock vocals. Beyond her music, Alia’s creative journey showcases a deep connection to the beauty of self-expression and the exploration of diverse cultures. With “Soho Sessions: Side A” as a steppingstone, Alia invites us to embrace our true selves and fearlessly pursue our dreams. Stay tuned for more enchanting offerings from this gifted and empowering artist.

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