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“SHAKER MAKER” by The Numb Project

By allenpetersonreviews Dec 27, 2023

Chris Calarco, a brilliant producer from the thriving city of Portland, Oregon, goes by the moniker The Numb Project. He employs a great affection for cozy atmospheres, erratic rhythms, and psychedelic glimmers to fill his songs with, creating captivating music that takes listeners on a hypnotic journey. Each of Chris Calarco’s songs exhibits his musical genius, capturing the vibrant and artistic spirit of Portland’s creative scene and inviting listeners to delve into the alluring world of downtempo music and enjoy the appeal of his distinctive sound. His most recent work, “Shaker Maker,” is an excellent work that stands out from others in the modern electronic music scene and highlights his unique style and talent for creating entrancing melodies.

“Shaker Maker” begins with a quietly whispered introduction and builds an alluring sound tapestry that lures listeners into an enthrallingly bizarre environment. The tone verse’s rapid ups and downs, which mimic the heartbeat, create a dynamic and engrossing sensation. The daring remake brilliantly retains the soul of the original while including a chilling pause and a surge of invigorating intensity. Carefully placed echoes provide possibilities for introspection and profound relaxation throughout the song.

This masterpiece defies downtempo conventions, inviting music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its captivating sonic journey. The intricate layers, pulsating tempo, and soulful echoes leave an indelible impression on your musical senses. Embrace the enchanting beat of “Shaker Maker” and embark on a mesmerizing musical adventure.

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