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“RECKLESS ABANDON” by Mark Docherty

By allenpetersonreviews Dec26,2023

Mark Docherty, a true musical force from Barrow in Furness, is a remarkable singer and composer fueled by an unwavering passion for music. Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like David Bowie, Jack White, and Prince, Mark has meticulously crafted a style that is both dynamic and uniquely his own. Emerging from the local music scene, Mark’s journey led him to form an electrifying party rock band reminiscent of The Talking Heads, injecting vibrant energy into every performance. Despite facing challenges, including a tumultuous experience with a record label, Mark’s resilience prevailed, giving rise to Hari Debi—an exhilarating band with hints of The Dead Weather and Led Zeppelin. Although Hari Debi concluded their journey in 2022, Mark fearlessly embarked on a solo career, culminating in the release of his debut solo album, “Reckless Abandon.” This extraordinary record exemplifies Mark’s exceptional talent and delivers an invigorating sound that is sure to uplift and brighten your day.

“Reckless Abandon” is an album made up of incredible songs, each of which has a special combination of style and a different energy. This album will introduce you to a tasty selection of wonderful songs that will uplift your mood with its superb beats and incredible choral composition. The album offers many excellently orchestrated, compelling songs that each continue the melody of the one before it while remaining distinct in their own right. On the album, wonderful songs like “How Has It Come to This,” “She loves Me,” “Pay My Debt,” “Reckless Abandon,” and others are all expertly composed.

“How Has It Come to This” wastes no time getting the energy pumping. The superb beginning immediately captures interest with its upbeat percussion and intriguing guitar riffs. It lays the foundation for what comes next. As the distinctive sound and electric influences come through, each phrase of this song is imbued with a ton of energetic vitality, creating an enthralling musical experience.

The opening chord of “She Loves Me” strikes with captivating allure, instantly enveloping you in its distinctive sonic realm. With an irresistible blend of a fierce rhythm section, electrifying vocals, and potent guitar riffs, an addictive groove takes hold. This song flawlessly encapsulates Mark’s raw energy and independent spirit, serving as a testament to his musical prowess. Prepare to be swept away by the infectious allure of “She Loves Me” as it unveils a sonic journey like no other.

“Reckless Abandon,” the eponymous track from the album, is a masterfully crafted gem that captivates from the first beat. Skillfully woven, the initial beats seamlessly intertwine with the harmonious vocals, creating an enchanting aura that mesmerizes. The melodic vocals effortlessly blend with the mesmerizing guitar riffs, casting a spell of wonder over the song. The instrumental elements embark on a musical odyssey, pushing the boundaries of what rock music can achieve. Together, they form an extraordinary journey that leaves no doubt about the sheer artistry and boundless creativity showcased in “Reckless Abandon.”

Mark Docherty has made a good first impression with his debut album. This is an album that demands attention, desires to be heard, and makes an impression that lasts. He clearly has a bright future as he grows and refines his sound.

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