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Powerful Vocals and Masterful Riffs: Exploring Elephants in Paradise’s ‘Reincarnation’ Album

Austria’s modern metal force, Elephants in Paradise, has been making waves since their 2017 inception. Fronted by the powerful vocals of Cara Cole, the band’s lineup is completed by Christoph Scheffel on bass, Rupert Träxler on guitar, and Maax Haas on drums. Since their 2021 debut, Elephants in Paradise have been steadily building a fanbase with a potent blend of hard rock and heavy metal. Their latest release, “Reincarnation,” is a prime example, packing three energetic and layered tracks that delve into profound themes.


Plunging us headfirst into the album’s core theme, the opening track “Reincarnation” is a masterclass in controlled chaos. Rupert Träxler’s guitar unleashes rhythmic riffs that interlock perfectly, while Maax Haas’s drumming pounds like a relentless engine, fueling the song with raw energy. Cara Cole’s vocals soar, vibrant and layered with subtle harmonies, adding depth to the sonic tapestry. The bridge throws a curveball – whispery vocals intertwine with haunting strings, creating a moment of eerie calm before the final chorus explodes. Lyrically, the song delves into life’s struggles, painting vivid images of “broken bones,” the “salt of tears,” and the metallic tang of “tasting blood.” Yet, amidst the darkness, it offers a powerful message of resilience. With lines urging the listener to “rise” and “start anew,” “Reincarnation” perfectly embodies the cycle of rebirth it takes its name from.

Transitioning smoothly, the album continues with “Take This Hand,” a powerful anthem centered on themes of resilience, unity, and the strength found in solidarity. The song begins with vivid imagery of personal struggle, depicting an attempt to maintain positivity amidst turmoil. The act of clenching a fist only to be knocked down symbolizes life’s recurring challenges. However, the refrain “take this hand” emerges as a beacon of hope, calling for collective effort to overcome individual hardships. The metaphor of a single drop turning into a flood emphasizes the transformative power of unity. Invocations of “sisters in arms and brothers in love” highlight camaraderie and mutual support. This track becomes a rallying cry, encouraging listeners to support one another and find strength in togetherness, making it an inspiring call to action.

Take This Hand

Flowing seamlessly, the final track, “Basic Instinct,” delves into the human condition amidst modern societal chaos. The song questions the authenticity of information and societal expectations, referencing “fake news” and “social preachers” to highlight skepticism towards media and norms. The imagery of “blood-sucking zombies” symbolizes entities draining individuals of authenticity. Central to the song is the concept of an inner creature representing primal human instincts—the fundamental desires to love, survive, and sustain oneself. Despite external noise, these instincts guide actions and emotions. The refrain “listen to your basic instincts” calls for reconnecting with inherent desires and truths. The imagery of regaining footing after drifting in a storm conveys resilience, urging listeners to trust their instincts amidst life’s complexities. “Basic Instinct” promotes self-awareness and authenticity, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself.

In essence, “Reincarnation” by Elephants in Paradise is a dynamic and introspective album that showcases the band’s evolution and artistic depth. Each track—“Reincarnation,” “Take This Hand,” and “Basic Instinct”—offers a unique exploration of resilience, unity, and self-awareness. Cara Cole’s powerful vocals, Christoph Scheffel’s driving bass lines, Rupert Träxler’s masterful guitar riffs, and Maax Haas’s energetic drumming coalesce to create an album that is both sonically intense and emotionally resonant. Elephants in Paradise continue to impress, solidifying their place in the modern metal scene.

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